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Noah Webster Quote

From our friends at The Federalist Papers (whether you read their blog or like them on Facebook, they are awesome!)

Let me get this straight:

The President has refused to carry out Obamacare as it’s written, delayed portions and totally canceled others. He has given exemptions to all manner of big corporation. All of these things are altering a duly passed law by Congress. He is NOT a legislator. His actions are illegal.

Further, he has refused to even discuss the matter with lawmakers, yet will negotiate with the terrorist funding head of state of Iran and has armed our enemies in Syria (side note: this is also illegal…as in treason).

He has rejected requests for WWII veterans to see their memorial (and used money to pay more guards than Clinton allowed in Benghazi). Keep in mind this, and many other memorials he blocked off are PRIVATELY FUNDED, and have never been affected in any of the other 17 government shutdowns. To boot, he has stationed these guards (who are getting paid) to block off the memorial that is supposedly closed because of a lack of funding.

He has refused to sign any bill that changes Obamacare in any way (like the medical device tax that even Democrats want to repeal),or any continuing resolution that does not fully fund Obamacare (you know, the one HE hasn’t even executed fully…which, again, is illegal activity).

He supposedly taught the US Constitution but seems to have forgotten that whatever functions of the government get funded is decided entirely by the House. That is THEIR prerogative. It’s called “separation of powers.” It’s ALL up to the House as to what to fund and what to not fund*. Now, the Senate can keep from passing a bill by voting it down. But, it’s the Senate’s fault, not the House’s, for the shutdown.

After all this, he and the Democrat leadership call Republicans names and blame them for the shutdown.

What am I missing??? Does ANYONE really buy this nonsense?


*As a side note, many of the problems we are facing with government funding stem from the fact that most of the laws these people are trying to enact are unconstitutional. If you wish to know if any law is legal, but you don’t know if it is, please put it in the comments and we can discuss it either here or in another post. 🙂

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This aircraft can shoot, with one round, a man and kill him while leaving the one next to him standing, unharmed. That’s without lasers. The marines on the roof were laser identifying the enemy fighters on the ground…and the admin told the AC130 to stand down. They knowingly left them to die alone, unaided.

AC-130U On Scene At Benghazi, Obama Admin Told Them NOT to Fire

My father, a retired special ops flier (AF) said the guys on the roof in Benghazi were reported to have been laser spotting the enemies on the ground.

He was puzzled because you only do that if you have an AC130 gunship (accurate enough to kill with one shot one guy and miss the guy standing next to him) flying overhead. This article explains what happened.

And, the president is STILL going around saying they will bring to justice the men responsible. He already had his chance. He chose to let them kill our marines.

Please pass this info along to everyone you know. The alphabet press is sitting on this. I don’t know how they sleep at night.

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