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Imagine a world where there is no law, no government. If you want to keep something, you have to stay with it to defend it from roving mobs/gangs that will kill you to steal your stuff. There are others out there that, like you, just want to be left alone to live in peace.

Wouldn’t you seek out these same people? Sure you would. You’d want to collaborate with them so that someone can go out and gather food or supplies, while another watches over the stuff you already have.

Maybe, just maybe, you find more than one other group like that. But, you have to make sure that everyone is on the same page, right? There have to be ground rules. Of course there have to be rules. Imagine playing baseball without any rules. That game is over and people are fighting within 2 minutes, right? No good.

So, you make some basic rules that everyone has to abide by. For instance, no stealing the stuff of some other person or group while you are guarding it while they are away, and vice versa. Then, there have to be consequences for people who break the rules.

You know what just happened there? You created a government. Laws and government is what humans create so that their stuff can be safe while they are away from their stuff. I know you know that’s insanely simplified, and while not totally inclusive, it’s premise is true.

Not all governments are equal, but that’s another post.

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Understand your government, and know where you stand.

Back when we were still part of England, there were classes of people. If you were born to a scullery maid, you’d never have even the opportunity to go to university, let alone a well-paying job. You were not to look people of a higher class in the eye, and you were literally stuck in the class where you started, no matter how smart you were or how hard you worked…none of it mattered. That’s what “classes” mean.

In America, people talk about the “middle class.” Well, that’s bunk. We have NO classes here. We are all born EQUAL, have equal protection under the law, have equal opportunities to make the best of what life has doled out for us, and no one can tell us we can’t look anyone in the eye…even the president.

See, the “middle class” is a myth. There are people who currently make what we currently deem to be “middle class wages,” (which changes all the time, by the way). But, that means nothing in terms of wealth…or worth. With regular people, they tend to look “poor” at first, then when they get more experience, get promotions and the like, they make more money. Then, they start to look poorer later, when retired, but that’s because retirement funds don’t count as INCOME. See? It’s a farce. A very large number of older Americans have even left the realms of “middle class” in the dust when it comes to wealth.

What you will never hear from countries that have Socialism or true class structures (see the Untouchables in India for an actual example of class structures is operation today) is someone being poor dirt poor and “making it” or even people just living the lives they carve out for themselves. That’s reserved for America where we don’t have classes and we don’t have people who are stuck forever in poverty due to the way the government is structured (massive taxes that prohibit the upward mobility that used to happen so very much in this country).

At least, that’s what America USED to be. Now, we are more and more into socialism, which means a ruling class…and everyone else, including you. The ruling class we have elected for ourselves do not hold themselves to the laws that they write for us, earning higher wages is punished with higher taxes punishing success, and the ensuing stagnation of the economy is what always happens when people in republics do this. Pretty soon, if we don’t shape up, we will have a real middle class…and like most socialist countries, the “middle class” will be actually poor. But, when everyone is starving, no one is hungry, right?

Personally, I follow Jefferson’s feelings on the matter:

I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.

Amen, Jefferson, Amen.

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If I, not being of Chinese ancestry, decided that I wanted to be Chinese, would I be able to arrive in their country, learn their ways, their language, their culture…and BE Chinese?

If I, not being French by blood, emigrated to France, learned French, learned French ways and culture…would I BE French?

If I moved to Egypt, adopted their major religion, learned their language, and lived there for 30 years…would I BE Egyptian?


But, if I moved to America, learned English, followed the naturalization laws, and did American things like celebrate Independence Day…would I BE American?



This is because, unlike most other countries, we are a country of ideas and principles. It’s about following the rule of law, equality for each individual, and inalienable rights (at least it used to be…but you get the idea).

It’s not how we look, what accent we have, or even if we were born here. Anyone who becomes an American IS an American through and through. It’s like in Texas where people say, “I’m a Texan. I wasn’t born here, but I got here as fast as I could!” and they are, indeed, Texans, when they exhibit the ideals of Texans.

If that’s not the greatest thing ever to be encountered on this earth, I don’t know what is.

…because I’m not talking about the Borg.


When I was 6, my family got stationed in Hawaii (click here for how we ended up in the Air Force).  I know *rotten* luck, huh?


Anyway, when we moved there, we didn’t live on base, we lived “on the economy,” which is military for “with the locals.” There is a military influence all over Hawaii, but some places are stronger than others. The schools, shockingly, right around the base are much more military culture than any local culture in any country around the world.


I’ll delve into military culture at some point, but just know that, at this point, it was not a part of our experience in Hawaii, in large part. There were a couple of families that lived around us that were military, as well, but we were the minority. Tiny minority.


Now, I am a white girl. Really white. White like, almost see through kind of white. But, after living in Texas for a while, I had a bit of a tan as I loved playing outside. But, no one would have bought that I was a local in Hawaii.


When school began I realized what a terrible name I had to live there. See, my name, Holli, is close to the word that is the basic equivalent of the n-word used for white people in Hawaii. Haole (pronounced how-lee) is what many of the locals use when referencing white people. So, Haole Holli I was! Ugh.


Well, what to do? I could have made a fuss, told on the kids, I could have cried, or threatened to kick their butts (I was small, but wiry!!).


What I did, instead, was assimilate. I learned to speak the local dialect of Pidgin English (hard not to, I was immersed), I learned to play Chinese Jump-rope (which I just loved to play, it turns out), asked my mom to buy local foods for snacks (which really was just because I loved the taste). After all this, mostly inadvertent assimilation, and some time, the label of Haole dropped off. I was just Holli. Success!


So, when I talk to immigrants (i.e. people who have done the hard work to make it all legal), most of whom are avid conservatives and know more about American history and government than the vast majority of Americans who didn’t have to pass any citizenship test, and they indicate that they have taken on the ideals of America (freedom, opportunity, etc.) and embraced that culture, I know why they have.


To be an American, you don’t have to eat certain food (though knowing how to BBQ is a bonus), wear certain clothes (who doesn’t love jeans?), or leave your culture behind. You don’t have to STOP speaking your native language, but you’ll ever have full access to opportunity if you don’t learn the language of the land. All you have to do is add on the desire for freedom and to be able to make something of yourself in a land with no classes and no limits but those you impose on yourself.


It’s easy to layer the culture of America over your native culture, because it doesn’t interfere with the culture that one brings here (I know, I know, there are exceptions!), it gives them the freedom to express that culture, while being just as American as the next person.

In the wake of any catastrophe, most people are helpful to one another and commiserate with their neighbors. Then, some things get up and running, like the gas stations open up (and runs out of gas to sell), the grocery store (which then quickly runs out of food), and the like…and people can turn on each other.

The real character of people comes out a few days afterward. I pray that those affected by Sandy will show the mettle needed to see this through, even though hungry, cold, and stranded.

I have read some headlines where people have started getting to this stage of becoming angry, and I just pray they will rise to the challenge. Because the reality is, it’s only just begun, and there will still be some time yet that people have to wait to get “civilization” up and running.

Got Gas?

Reports of gas siphoning are coming in, police having to be stationed at the pumps, and people are getting testy.

As much as people want to think their dollars they send for aid are helping people in real-time, we get stories like this where the Staten Island Borough President renounces the Red Cross and calls them a disgrace: http://politicker.com/2012/11/staten-island-borough-president-dont-give-money-to-the-red-cross/

Still yet, there are some who are looting and there is violence in the streets. It’s not pretty, the aftermath.

In this sad scenario, there are highlights, and this is where the most important part kicks in. There are private organizations and charities that have come to the aid of many. There are individuals helping other individuals. There are inestimable acts of kindness that will go unsung, only a portion of which are featured, like this one in the Today News:

From the Today Show

Families in Hoboken, New Jersey help out stranded neighbors by offering up their power strips and coffee pots.

This is the real America. This is what we are made of. We just don’t get them all on TV or in print…and that’s okay. The fact that they are happening is showing just what Americans are truly made of.

May God bless those affected that the spirit of kindness and helpfulness will help them to overcome the base instincts of selfishness.

I was having a chat with someone who grew up in Finland, married an American and moved to the US, and still has family there. Here are excerpts from our conversation.

Finnish Friend: I have so many friends that are looking for a handout, and it saddens me. I grew up in Europe and loved it, but after seeing the differences between the good old USA and Europe, I do not want to go back and live there. I even became a US citizen. That is why I am passionate about the freedoms we enjoy here. I just need to be bold and not worry about what family and friends think. I guess I better start praying that Romney picks a good vp.

Later in the conversation…

FF: You can not have a discussion with socialists… [A man I know, who lives in Finland]…is very well to do. There has been accusations that [he] must have done something illegal to be so rich or at least must not pay enough taxes. They can not see that he works countless hours and has started business[es] and then sold them. All the [truly] rich people have left Finland since they do not want to see 50% of their income to go to taxes. That is one of the reasons why the economy there is doing so poorly. Also they can not afford to keep all the social programs running. My dad can not get in to testing to see what is wrong with his heart until end of August. [This wait has been going on for months already.] His life is not valued since he is drawing a pension and not working and paying taxes. I just wish Europe could adopt Obama and leave us alone.

I must add here that my FF informed me that the man she knows who is well to do has been tried three times for the same crime. He has been found innocent all three times. They do not have double jeopardy laws in Finland. Found innocent? So what…take it back to court.

What was his crime, you ask? Selling his stocks and making a profit from it.

God bless the USA!

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