Okay, people, quick civics lesson, and then the commentary:

The President is, in a nutshell, the executive branch of our federal government. Execute means, “to carry out or accomplish,” for these purposes. So, he does not write the law. He makes them happen.

The Congress (made of the Senate and House of Representatives) write the laws. (The fact that they have created agencies that have bureaucrats who write the regulations that go with the laws, thus create more laws, illegally, is another post). They do not make laws happen. For example, they write the laws for how to become a naturalized citizen, and they set aside funds for that to happen, and then the executive branch is in charge of making it happen.

The president cannot, by supreme law – known as The US Constitution, fiddle with the laws. He is not allowed to, say, delay Obamacare, just because he feels like it, or he thinks it’s a good idea.

Well, our current president HAS been fiddling with the law. Not just any law, but a law that he supported the passing of, that he campaigned on – as written, etc, etc. Because of that (and other laws he’s just decided not to enforce), there was a law presented wherein the president would be required to enforce all laws that Congress passed. This sounds good, in theory, but there is already a supreme law that states that. That’s already being ignored, so what makes anyone think this new law would be enforced (which, by the way would be the president’s job to enforce…what could go wrong?). Talk about posturing. These people in office now put peacocks to shame.

Here’s the deal, the president could easily be impeached for messing around with Obamacare, but the Senate does not have the votes for it, no matter what he does. The House can vote to have him impeached on a number of things, but the Senate runs the trial and is run by his party. Guess what would be the verdict? So, what’s a country to do? We The People are to vote in people who will impeach a president that is corrupt. We messed that up in 2012, but 2014 voting is right around the corner!

Another point here is this: if you give power to the government, the next round of people who are voted in will have that power, too. Think back to the days of slavery. There were laws, passed by Democrats, that stated that runaway slaves had to be returned to their owners. What if the president, who refused to enforce that law was jailed because there was a lower law that spelled out that EVERY law, no matter what, had to be enforced as written, regardless of moral conviction? The slave owners and supporters would have had the upper hand due to that kind of law. I’m just saying we need to think wisely about laws that get passed in the heat of the moment as a knee jerk reaction.

To be sure, there is a difference between enforcing slave laws that the president vocally disagrees with, tried to veto, were in place before taking office, is clearly awful, etc, and Obamacare where he campaigned on it, happily signed it into law, and now wants to do whatever he wants with it…because, like many of us said beforehand…it’s awful.

The answer to this problem is not to pass a hastily drawn up law without thinking of the unintended consequences. The answer is for each of us to know the issues and to vote in men and women of integrity to lead this nation. For those who shout that the law needs to be altered (I would say repealed fully!), there is a system in place to do just that…the Congress.

If we can’t vote in people who will repeal awful laws, propose laws they’ve thought through, protect our liberty (what’s left of it), and adhere to the Constitution, we’re doomed anyway, hasty law or not. Know where you stand.