Part I – Power

This seems like a no-brainer, right? If you have the power over other people, don’t abuse them, don’t kill them, don’t squash their souls. If you are the ruler of a country, and you randomly single out and kill groups of weak, yet innocent, individuals that cannot protect themselves, you are a tyrant and abuser of your power.

If you are a ruler and you make it legal to kill anyone of a certain group at the whim of anyone else, you are also a tyrant and need to be stopped. Seems simple enough.

If you are a ruler, or lawmaker, judge, or any part of a system of government that allows any of these types of things to go on, you are, at the very minimum, partially responsible for the bloodshed. This is all logical, right? Think of Mao, Kim Jong Il (and, now, Un), Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, the Ayatollah Khomeini…they all singled out groups to be either exterminated, or just made it legal to kill these groups without any legal right for the lives of those in the group. No good. Easy peasy to identify.

Since the beginning of time, there has been the concept of slavery: to literally own another person as if they were property. In America, it was legal to kill one’s slaves to varying degrees in varying states, and there was a great deal of legal protection for the offenders. It still goes on, legally, in some countries today. Thank God, it is not only outlawed in America, but is a repulsive idea to just about every American.

There was a time in these United States when it was legal to kill Mormons, just because they were Mormon. You could run them off their land, and/or kill them, and it was legal. Governor Boggs of Missouri made that extermination order and it wasn’t repealed until 1974. Sucks, but it’s over.

That isn’t the only group in the U.S. with sights set on them, though. There is one group left that is still legal to kill, with legal protection for the killers. The group I’m discussing cannot open their own mouths to defend their lives, unless, by a miracle, they survive the attempted killing. Every one of those who were attacked in this way, and lived, has defended their right to live, vehemently. Many are just dismembered and thrown in the thrash.

They are the innocent humans that are unborn.

You might say they are not “people,” and therefore have no right to life. You might say that, because only one person can care for them for a short period of time, that they don’t have the right to exist…that that right is only applicable at the whim of the mother. But, if that’s the case, finish this sentence:

“It’s okay, morally right, and upstanding, to kill an innocent human being when __________________________.”

If you say it’s when they are in the womb, you have to be more specific. That doesn’t fly. Because it’s illegal to kill an unborn human when the mother WANTS to see the baby to full term. Try again.

Finish the sentence, and make sure it can be applied universally to all Americans, because that’s how laws are supposed to be applied in this country…universally. We all get EQUAL protection under the law or it’s tyranny (see above).

You have the power to act. Know where you stand.