I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. In our church, just about everyone has a job. It’s nice as the entire church is run by laymen, and it’s all volunteer. I kinda dig it.

Anyway, at one point, my job was to be the Primary President. Sounds fancy, but that just means that I was in charge of the youth program for kids ages 18 months to 11 years. It’s not like I was Wonder Woman. There are all manner of helps from the Church and entire websites devoted to ideas on how to make the curriculum and themes work.

Each Sunday, I got to hang with the kids for two hours while the majority of adults went to their classes. We did have adult teachers for each age group, and occasional visitors. It was all great fun and I love teaching, especially kids who are actually quite sharp and witty.

Each Sunday, all the kids ages 3-11 would have a combined session that is called Singing Time. I’ll let you surmise the point of this. Well, sometimes, the pianist that accompanied us would change, and, sometimes, for periods of time, we’d not have one at all. For this instance, we had been using CD’s for “accompaniment,” if you will. Then, great news! That Sunday, a visitor to our church played the piano and was happy to help us out in Primary.

Since the kids had never met the visitor, we made proper introductions to the class. This is when things got a bit dicey. I excitedly exclaimed, “Guys, guess what?! We have a pianist today!”

My youngest son, who was then 6-years-old, and normally quite soft-spoken and shy, shouted – with a huge smile on his face – loud and clear for all to hear, “I have a penis, too!!!”

Now, the adults burst out laughing, the older kids tittered somewhat awkwardly, and the younger kids just kept trying to find things to stick up their noses, but, and you’ll be so proud of me on this one, I DIDN’T LAUGH. Not sure how because my entire being wanted to so badly, but he would have been heartbroken for being laughed at in church…by his own mother.

I smiled broadly at him and said, “Yes, you do, my love, but what we have today that I’m excited about is a pianist [which I enunciated quite clearly]…a piano player.'”

And, on that note, I will wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Oh, and buy my book, as it makes a wonderful present for any time of year! 😀

**Photo credit to deedeeflower on fanpop: “A Life Size Nativity”**