I’ve been told by “pro-choice” people that they are not “pro-abortion,” but support the “right” of the mother to choose to have her child killed and sucked out of her uterus and into the trash, if she desires it.

I have a question for those people, or any of you who see yourselves as “pro-choice.”

What do you call someone who does not own slaves themselves, but thinks that people should have the “right” to take away the right to freedom of others and force them to labor without the choice to leave?

Do you call them “pro-choice” in regards to slavery? OR do you call them “pro-slavery”?

Anyone who is “pro-choice” is “pro-whatever-the-issue-is,” because they think it’s moral enough to allow it to happen, unimpeded.If you are “pro-choice” you are “pro-dismembering-innocent-unborn-humans-at-the-whim-of-the-mother.” Make sure you get your labels right, and make sure you know what you stand for.

One last thought: the term “fetus,” that people use, which manages to dehumanize the unborn human, actually means, “offspring in the womb.” Offspring means, “A child, in relation to its parents.” Saying “fetus” is the same as saying “child in the womb.” Again, know your labels and what you stand for.