I took some acting classes in high school and college. I absolutely loved them. I was game to get into character and exist in a pretend land with no connection to reality.

Here’s the problem. When I got into character, I’d take on that role and almost fuse it to the real me. I guess my ability to separate reality and fiction, when I was at the epicenter, is not as strong as it would need to be. If I played a sorrowful role, it would bleed the sorrow into my real life.

In the end, if I had kept up with it, I’d have lost the real me. I sometimes wonder if that’s what happens with stars who are deeply in love in a movie, and the get married shortly after filming, only to divorce a little while later.

How ironic that those who would work for hours on end in a pretend land, and not lose track of their own souls, must be those who are most rooted in reality.

So, though many who know me in person know I’m a huge ham, and love theatrics for the sake of a laugh, this is the reason I never did anything with that part of me, though, I didn’t recognize it as such until I was older.

Somehow, I don’t think the world was ever, nor would ever be, ready for a Holli that goes full-bore into the acting world. 😉