Senator Cruz has taken a lot of heat about his sort-of-filibuster, and his desire to not vote for cloture. I think he was right and I’ll put my reasons why at the end of this post. But, for now, we have reality that the House now has the continuing resolution bill in their laps that funds Obamacare, thanks to Harry Reid’s procedural bullying.

Starting Monday, the money for the government stops flowing, except for Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare because they are funded separately. Still, the military would have to keep working for no pay until this was resolved and that sucks.

Keep in mind, the only reason they have to vote on continuing resolutions is because they have NOT PASSED A BUDGET! Obama put forward two budgets and got ZERO votes for them both. Not zero Republicans, ZERO total. Also keep in mind that this is one of the very few things they are duty bound by the US Constitution to do. Yep. They have plenty of time to tell me what kind of toilet I can buy, but none to pass a budget.

Okay, so the question is: WHAT TO DO??

If they have any cojones at all, they’ll send each portion of the budget back to the Senate, piece by piece. Who would vote against a bill that has an entire substance of: fund the military? Anyone who voted against that is just sick in the head.

What about an entire bill that reads: we will, for another year, pay our debts? And, so on…you get the idea. The last item would be Obamacare, and they’d have two options here. They could:

1. Forget to send over a bill that funds Obamacare. I mean, the Republicans are always being accused of having Neanderthal level intelligence. Who could blame them for not understanding that it needs funding? Maybe they could ask Reid to send over some explanations and scratch their heads while he blows a gasket.  Incidentally, I’d pay to see this.

2. Send over funding for Obamacare that makes it totally void unless the Senate passes a budget. The House has passed, oh, I don’t know, about 20 budgets, so they’d have their pick.

Now, some will scream (as they did about Cruz “shutting down the government,” which was a lie) that the Republicans would get blamed for anything bad that happens and <gasp!> they might not get elected again!! NEWSFLASH: Republicans get blamed for EVERYTHING ALREADY. Probably, in large part, because they are pansies who don’t know crap about messaging and listen to Karl Rove.

How about the Republicans stand on principle, do what is right, and fear God over reelection. Trust me, facing Him will be much worse that retiring on full pension after losing an election.

For those that think Obamacare is super great, tell me why I know many who have lost their insurance, have already had premiums hiked, had the experience, like my husband’s company, where they are forcing people into the exchanges, and a dear friend of mine, who is 74, was told by her doctor the other day that after age 76, she would get ZERO care under OCare, if she got cancer. Got that? Literally left to die. Not to mention those who are now forced to work 29 hours at their jobs because their boss had the choice of doing that or going bankrupt because of the cost of OCare.

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Here is my discussion on a Facebook page about what I encountered with many conservatives who wish to bash Cruz instead of fighting side by side to do anything that will defeat this bill that is hurting so many Americans:

“I just had some R’s say that what Cruz did was theater and not helpful to the cause of actually getting rid of Ocare because it didn’t do anything regarding procedure, and it seemed a little like he was campaigning.

I have to admit that, in the beginning, I was tired and grouchy and made some harsh comments when questioning the other commenters, so it could have gone better.

That being said, my point was that Cruz wasn’t playing around for procedure, but was trying to rally the public to put pressure on the senators, the way they did the reps, which led to the amendment in the CR that defunded Ocare.

Another commenter said that it was Cruz taking the people emotionally hostage, making them think there was some way to stop Ocare right now. I thought that was ridiculous. [I still think this is a ridiculous statement…if Senators hadn’t voted for cloture, there would have been a chance!]

Another mentioned how Cruz mentioned the Nazi’s and so was divisive. Well, aren’t the other senators displaying appeasement and defeatism? He made no inference that the rest of Nazi horrors would happen, but that’s what allowed them to keep gaining power…appeasement and defeatism. [Not to mention that Cruz went through a ton of historical instances where appeasement lead to bad things for the average people of the countries involved, not just Nazi Germany.]

All in all, aside from my snide and condescending remarks to the other commenters, I stand by my premise that everything the R’s have been doing thus far has not worked and has, in fact, made things worse. The entrenched politicians are trying to play nice and appease those who are promoting a bill that will literally be the death of many.

I was called a Cruz-fan, and maybe I am. But, I’ve disagreed with him before, and there is no cult of personality.

I support what he did, because he did it to rally people…to keep them engaged and to inform them of what was going on, if they only took the time to listen to what he was saying about the procedure and what the bill is really doing. ”


Here is a link for the Heritage’s piece that explains more about filibustering, filling the amendment tree, and cloture. Very informative: Heritage: Tyranny in the Senate.