Here’s the thing…I love languages. I find them fascinating. I love to learn how to speak (or sign) them, almost one and all. There is one, however, that makes me nuts. Latin.

I know, I know…it’s almost imperative to understand Latin to read all the founders’ and framers’ writings about this nation, common law, and history.

I know their culture was such that the “great orators” kept people hanging on until the end of their sentences, riveted, anticipating, getting all worked up until the final utterance.

But, good grief! When coming home from war, they’d keep people on edge so they could, I don’t know, wait ever LONGER to hear how the battle went. They’d say things like,

“The palm fronds of victory, in my hand………….I HOLD!”

Maybe I’m uncultured, but gag me. Bust in the door and yell, “We WON! Booyah!”

I’m telling you, that is the froufrou-iest language I’ve ever met. I just want to tell all of them to get on with it. Maybe they just had more time on their hands then. Maybe they were really hard up for entertainment. Whatever. It just bugs me to no end.
Just had to get that off my chest. 😉