The other day, I was driving along after having been in town all day, and I ordered pizza online from my iPhone. My daughter, sitting next to me, typed in the info, and VOILÀ!, our order was magically sent to the shop where I would arrive to pick it up shortly. Got that? I am hurtling along the road at 70 mph, we order pizza, and pick it up on the way home where I don’t even have to cook anything and yet we have a feast! People from even 50 years ago would watch this kind of thing on TV and go, “Pssht. That’s ridiculous. This is supposed to be sci-fi, but at least they could make it believable!” Seriously.

Now, I drive a ’96 minivan, and it’s…well…it’s well-loved. You can tell I’ve driven it while my three children have been growing up. It has seen its fair share of chicken nuggets and spilled milk on the carpet, if you catch my drift. It would be easy for me to not be thankful for this huge hunk of metal that catapults our family over miles and miles of road with ease, wishing for a newer vehicle with a body computer that doesn’t randomly lock the doors, and fewer dents. It would be easy for me to say that it’s not “fair” because I “deserve” a better vehicle.

But, I can tell you that the easiest thing in the world is to thank God for this beat up, well loved,  and trusty van. I think of how the pioneers had to travel, and they would smack each of us upside the head if they saw the miracle of modern vehicles and heard us complain that we don’t have a USB port to listen to the music on our iPhones as we drive.

Then, I thought of the bit I saw from Louis CK* on Conan. Very apropos. (*A word of warning…he has a mega potty mouth when not on public TV, but this bit is safe). This really just shows how thankful we ought to be, all day, every day, for the inventions that we enjoy and likely take for granted. The amount of time we save not having to lug our poo away from the house is immense (not to mention how little pestilence we have to deal with!), and should be used helping others around us, in my opinion. Enjoy the video…it’s hilarious!

Louis CK “Everything is Amazing, and Nobody is Happy” on Conan


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