Why do I bother to comment on the insanity that has gripped our country today? Why do I bother to try to get people to see the dangers of continuously moving away from the precepts of liberty and the US Constitution? Why do I keep yammering on about how things are going down the toilet? In part, because of this:

“The price of apathy is to be ruled by evil men.” Plato


I will not be apathetic. I will not shrug my shoulders and let evil men (and women) win without a fight. I do feel that I am on the side that will, in the end, be ruled by evil people, but it’s because I’m not sure there are enough people who stand with people like me. But, when the Lord asks me what I’ve done in my life, I can say that I stood for the right, and called as many as would hear to face the truth.

Sure, my blog is small, thereby making my voice small. But, so what? Is what matters what other people do, or what *I* do?