I was in Alaska for 10 days recently for a wedding and family reunion. I thought I was going to hate it because I always think I’m going to hate wherever I’m going to go. Don’t ask me to explain it, that’s just how I roll. At least as I’ve aged, I’ve realized this about me, and since I tend to have a wonderful time wherever I go, I just go anyway, even though every fiber of my being is screaming for me not to go…and I have a great time when I get there.

While there, I liked it so much (just the summers…I am solar-powered and know that winters with no sun and I don’t mix) that I thought I’d learn some about the state. Well, come to find out, they might have some very cool national parks, mosquitoes that are bigger than those in Texas – which is saying something – and REAL Hawaiian food, there was one thing that stood out to me the most.

In Alaska, if you can own a firearm (are over age 21, aren’t a felon, that type of thing) you can carry concealed. Period. There is NO permit needed!!! You just buy your gun…and then you carry it around with you. I mean, that is AMAZING!! So, aside from having lovely weather in the summer, they kick my state’s butt in regards to logic regarding firearms. But, sssshhhh, don’t tell my fellow Texans, they might get cranky. 😉

Here is an awesome picture of a stream in the Denali National Park (unconstitutional, but beautiful nonetheless).

Alaska Denali Stream