Y’all, you have to know something about me. I have an obsessive/compulsive personality. This is a great thing when I have time to tend to my compulsions (which, at this point in my life, are typically good things), but sometimes I run out of time in each day. Here’s my situation, as of today:

I think about blogging A LOT (obsession), but when I go to type something, I get distracted by one of several compulsions.

1. Crocheting chemo caps for kiddos who have lost all their hair from chemotherapy

2. Genealogy (I have the bug…and bad).

You might think that crocheting cannot take THAT much time, but this is what I’ve done in the past couple of weeks:

chemo caps

Each one takes a couple hours, so when you add that time to the hours I spend home schooling my kids, and the normal household chores, let alone genealogy…well, you get the picture.

On to genealogy. Here’s the deal with that. It is like winning the lottery every time you find a person that has eluded you. You find them, add them into your program…and then vow to find their spouse and kids. Oh, yeah. It’s additive. You think I’m nuts, but you just give it a try, and you’ll be doing fist pumps for finding your dead relatives in no time. 🙂

Anyway, this is my excuse for not blogging nearly enough lately. I’ll tell ya, by the time I finally sit down at the computer to lay out the fabulous arguments I have had swirling in my head about gun (read: people) control, the idiocy of the arguments surrounding our current administrations countless scandals, the lethargy and complicity of the media, and the social decay that is the root cause of all our  country’s problems, etc. it all just seems to pale in comparison to my need to find that great-great-great-aunt three times removed.

At some point, the obsession to put to electronic paper my myriad thoughts on the politics of the day will once again take over. Until then, just imagine me doing a happy dance as I finish a soft cap (they have sensitive heads, you know) or find a distant relative that has been eluding me for days.


If you wish to crochet a cap, here is an awesome and easy pattern. Just make it 4 inches in length to fashion it for a youngster, instead of 8. You have to register to get it, but that’s free and you can check the box where they don’t contact you. http://vannaschoice.lionbrand.com/patterns/L0538.html


Take a peak inside my book, shown at the right, by clicking on it. Then, buy it from Amazon. Then you may start crocheting…