News is now coming out about how high levels of the IRS knew about the targeting of groups that educated on the Constitution, had “patriot” or “tea party” in the name, etc. The IRS was used as a weapon against those who differed politically from the administration.

If that weren’t enough, they also targeted Jewish groups. They were asked, by the IRS, regarding their tax-exempt status, whether or not the group supported the existence of the land of Israel. They also were told to describe their belief system toward the land of Israel. Not sure how this could have ANYTHING to do with a tax-exempt status. Seems eerily familiar to other times Jewish groups have been targeted.

Tyranny is oppressive power that is exerted over someone or some group. Typically, we discuss the tyranny of governments. Well, when they admit to using the force of government to target and intimidate certain groups, I’d say that qualifies. But, don’t let this distract us from Benghazi. Following is a detailed time-line of events on the night of the attacks in Benghazi by whistle-blower HIcks:

The fact that there was an attack is not the issue. That happens, as sad as that reality is. The issues are:

1. There was warning of an attack, which was ignored.

2. Security was drawn down below even standard minimum amounts, despite the threat of attack.

3. Also, despite the threat of attack, the Ambassador was sent to Benghazi, instead of staying in Tripoli, on 9/11, an annual high threat day.

4. The Ambassador was denied extra security, though he asked 13 times, AND wrote for help through official lines.

5. During the attack, help from Aviano was told to stand down TWICE.

6. We are told help could not have gotten there in time, but how do they know how long the attack was to last?

7. The day after the attack, Obama went on a fund-raiser. We don’t know if he watched the men die as they fought for their lives in vain (there was an unarmed drone sending video in real time, plus phone calls and emails calling for help), or if he just went to bed to slumber the night away. We don’t know because, unlike during Tropical Storm Sandy, we don’t have pictures of him in the Situation Room.

8. Hillary claimed not to know about anything. She’s either lying or needs to be fired for incompetence.

9. They blamed a video for the protests, even though that was an out-and-out lie.

10. This lie sent the FBI on a wild goose chase and they delayed getting to Benghazi for their investigation for weeks. Delay NEVER improves a crime scene.

11. No one but the film maker has been arrested.

12. The whistle-blowers have been harassed and intimidated by the administration for testifying, even being yelled at and demoted. This isn’t the first time the admin has gone after whistle-blowers, either. See the link about gun running below.

13. The government has been recording ALL phone calls, emails, texts, correspondence of ANY kind for a few years now. If Congress really wanted to get to the bottom of who knew what and when, they’d just get those records. Why can’t/won’t they do that?

Now, Geraldo is claiming to have sources that will testify to the administration running guns to Syria, in violation of a specific treaty. It’s bad enough Clinton knowingly put her folks in danger to make a political point (“See? We’re all FRIENDS!”), but if the cover-up was to keep people from finding out they were running guns (again), in direct violation of the treaty, it’s just that much worse.

Don’t let the IRS thing go, but don’t forget Benghazi, either.

Benghazi pic