Imagine, if you will, that it’s 1944. Some brave military personnel have killed a high Nazi officer. They are American soldiers that fought valiantly and America sings their praises. Sadly, there was a helicopter crash that, amazingly enough, kills about 20 of them. On the aircraft were some 7 Germans that died, as well. They have a funeral, and the American government tells them that, along with their Rabbi (the men were Jewish), they must allow a German priest to speak.

When the German priest speaks, he states that the Jews will not go to heaven because they are not Aryan. They are not equal to the Germans who died in this fight. The Germans will go to heaven and the infidels will go to Hell.

How do you think Americans would have responded to that? I’m guessing there would have been outrage! And, rightfully so.

So, why is it that the MSM is silent about a Muslim cleric doing this to the Christian Seal Team Six members who were killed in a helicopter crash after they took out Osama Bid Laden?

Imam Damns Seal Team to Hell During Funeral Prayer: The Blaze

(Image from AP)