I was watching the movie titled “180.” In this 33 minute movie, there is a fair amount of history about the Holocaust…real, intimate, personal history. At one point, the narrator asks people if they would, at the order of the Nazi military at gunpoint, bury people alive with a bulldozer.

The Jews were lined up and shot with machine guns, and then pushed into big pits. Not all were dead. So, the narrator asks people on the street if they would carry out the order. Some say they would, others not. For those who answered that they would, the narrator asks them this, “If the guard gave you the gun and told you to finish off the Jews, would you do it?” Almost ALL said they would not. Yet, the narrator points out, shooting them quickly would be a more merciful death than being buried alive. You can see the wheels turning in their minds about that one.

My 11-year-old son listened to some of the movie after coming into the room where I was watching. He heard those questions. Out of his mouth came this, “Mom, if I were in that position, I would have taken the gun, and turned it on the military person ordering me to kill the Jews. Maybe, just maybe, it would have saved the lives of others they would kill.”

Option 3: something none of those on the film even propose.

So, my point is this: stand up for what is right, and always consider that there just might be other options.

Also, watch this movie. Everyone should watch this. It’s 33 minutes of your life. If you say you don’t have time, is it that you actually don’t, or are you just making excuses? Watch how many don’t know who Hitler is, and see their lines of reasoning, then tell me if we don’t have a HUGE problem in this country. The message is not all about the Nazi Holocaust, but the entire thing is about holocausts. Just make the time.

Click here now: “180” The Movie