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True Cost of Fast Food

This is a good example of the problem with government control of private industry. Why should I care if another person wants to eat garbage, smoke, drink, etc.? Why should anyone else care if I eat garbage, smoke, drink, etc? Answer: they shouldn’t, except on an individual level, as caring friends and family.

Now, since the toll of any bad behavior is foisted upon the tax payers, now I care, and so do you. Why? Because now we have to pay for other people’s bad choices, but the bad-choice-makers are shielded from the consequences because they are now “entitled” to health insurance, which, they are told (and is a lie) will translate into actual health care.

In addition, the government sanctions the poor conditions of feedlots and animals. If left to private industry, the public would force the producers to treat the animals better because there would be much more info spread around about the true conditions. As it stands, the larger corporations exert large amounts of influence at the capital because we have elected weak and corrupt leaders who allow money to influence their votes at the capital and in the states.

Don’t believe me? Ask people who try to sell fresh milk and the intimidation they get from the regulations pushed by the large dairy industry. They’ve almost managed to eradicate their competition.

It’s not so simple as blaming the food manufacturers. If they were scared of losing customer dollars, they didn’t have regulations and laws inhibiting true competition, and had to face the public honestly…as real capitalism dictates, we would have a truly different landscape. For example, supplements are not regulated by the FDA, yet they are regulated…by the consumers. If any product is bad, let me tell you, word travels fast. They are kept in line better than any FDA inspector could.

Then, if people were in charge of their own health, had to make sure they made good choices in an effort to get the best insurance price, like the real free market would dictate, again, we would have a truly different landscape of attitude and choices.

In that instance, insurance would have to compete, instead of follow the regulations for the most federally regulated industry, and the costs would lower. Instead, only the big boys are winning, and now with Obamacare, they will fall and the single payer system will replace them. Then people will care even more what I do and there will be laws that “regulate” your behavior and mine. It’s already started.

In the end, the problem is a corrupt society. We called on government to “take care” of problems that were better left to the free market. This began a long time ago, but has been increasing in intensity the past 50 years. Now, we have the equivalent of the government breaking our legs and then saying that we should be thankful for them giving us crutches and a band-aid.

The root issue is corruption and public complacency and ignorance. All other symptoms stem from that.