Here’s the deal. Big government, more government control, means stupid government. It just does…every time.

Example A:

abc deer dm 130129 wblog Indiana Police Officer, Wife, Could Face Jail Time for Saving a Deer

Cute little thing, isn’t it? Well, government bureaucrats wanted it to be left to die. A police officer and his wife (on whose doorstep this injured fawn was found) decided to nurse it back to health and the set it free.

Awww. How sweet! NOPE! Bureaucrats said that was BAD! Bad, I tell you! So bad, in fact, they are willing to spend YOUR money to prosecute these people in court. You can bet they won’t flinch at the bill…after all, YOU are paying it, not them. Read the whole stupid story, if you dare, here.

Isn’t it great we have all these statists that we keep electing to increase government funding and control? Ah, how much better things are with the “good guys” in government to fix everything! Ugh.

If you think to yourself at this point, “Well, that’s just ONE story and I’m SURE it’s not a typical thing,” please read this story and click on all the links to tale after tale of idiocy by those officials that statists (who also tend to be liberals) as well as low information voters keep electing.

Be careful voting for more government involvement and control. You might think you are voting for bigger government and control for things YOU like, but all you are voting for is less liberty and more stupidity. Once the government has the control, you do not.