So, we now have a nation that will put women on the front lines of battle, during wars like we’ve not had before, with enemies that differ immensely from those we’ve fought in the past. And, somehow, I am supposed to think this is a good thing?


First, I must be very clear…women must have equal rights and protections under the law, but that in no way makes them the SAME as men. If you think men and women are the same, you’d better pop on by the optometrist today because you are vision impaired. Also, you need to pay more attention to activities around you because if you think men and women ACT the same, you’ve got bigger problems…

Adam Eve

I won’t go into how sending women into battle when there are capable men to do this is a horrid abuse of the sanctity of womanhood, how sending women into wars like those we fight now is basically stripping them of their natural inheritance of the gifts from God, how this cheapens the idea of the highest honor of the role of nurturer, or how this flies in the face of everything the Bible teaches about how men are supposed to protect women, in the grand scheme of things.

(Side note: This is not to say that women are weaker, in general! I’ve seen what women can do. We rock! But, this is bigger than that…and the ramifications are greater.)


I will, however, go into how this makes our military weak and how it will endanger the military’s ability to fight capably due to the fact that our enemies are quite adept at torturing women…and our military men are not used to having to watch it.


Oh, sure, some people will say that if women WANT to play this part, why not let them? It’s THEIR choice! Well, sometimes, it not just about you and choices have consequences, so let’s take a peek at what will likely happen.


The military will have had to lower standards for combat readiness to accommodate the physically weaker females. Don’t get all huffy, they’ve already done it in every other area. That’s reality. Welcome to it. So, we will have people who have to carry their packs, but are weaker to do it. Do the men carry more to help the women? Do the women have to carry all that stuff, even though it makes them slower, which endangers the group? You get the idea.


Now, when a woman gets hurt on the battlefield, the men WILL treat them differently than another man. This is human nature. Human nature, the deep down parts of us, have not changed EVER from one generation of babies to the next. One of those pieces, that is actually nurtured and cultivated in civilization is that of the protector. Don’t deny it. You know I’m right. And, that is a GOOD THING, unless they’re on the battlefield fighting Al Qaeda scumbags.


Of course, you could look at this as good because if the men try to protect the women, the women might be less likely to be captured, but instead killed alongside their comrades in arms. That would be better for the women than being captured by Taliban or Al Qaeda.


What our enemies like to do is not just torture a person, but make them watch and listen to the torture of others. They know that is more a weakness for us. We can’t watch things like that and not spill, for the most part. Now, if a man is made to watch the torture of another man, that’s bad enough. But, what if he’s made to watch the torturous, repeated rape and mutilation of a woman?


So, what we’ve done is set into motion a social experiment. However, it’s not one that affects solely our country and our domestic situation. We’ve started it internationally…and brought our enemies, who don’t act like anyone we’ve fought before, into it.


What could go wrong?