First things first. We must read the text of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. Simple enough:

Text of the 2nd amendment


There has been some confusion about who can infringe on rights and under what circumstances.


For example, in the First Amendment, we find that only CONGRESS is prohibited from restricting free speech. That is pretty specific. The decisions on which speech must be restricted are left to the states (see Amendment #10 in the Bill of Rights for clarification). Before you get your panties in a bunch about “free speech,” you must understand what the founders meant by the Congress being restricted, but not the states.


Let me ask you this: Do you understand that there are laws against slander and libel? I’m sure you do. You can’t just go around slandering a person’s good name!


Who decides what constitutes slander and libel? The state governments do, that’s who. They RESTRICT speech, when the speech consists of lies with intent to harm another with those lies.


On the other hand, do you see anyone, specifically, listed that is restricted from infringing on arms ownership? Nope. It just reads, “shall not be infringed.” This means NO ONE is allowed to infringe on the law-abiding citizen’s right to keep and bear arms…not states, not the federal government, not individuals. Law abiding citizens have the RIGHT to keep and bear arms. Period.


IF someone uses a gun to commit any crime, then, through due process of law, that right can be removed. That’s how it goes with ANY right! You have the God-given right to liberty, unless, through due process of law, you are sent to jail. Easy peasy and straightforward. You are free unless you commit a crime…then you give up your right to walk around unimpeded. Check.


This business of prohibiting gun ownership before ANY crime has been committed goes directly against this principle. For instance, do we have to get permits to speak? Or do we speak, and then pay the consequences if we commit slander? Do we get permits to move about freely in these United States? Or do we get extradited if we commit a crime in one state and have a warrant out for our arrest but are currently in another state? Do we have to get a license to peacefully assemble, aside from permits for using land? Or do we just pay the consequences if we get rowdy and destructive?


But, somehow, we’ve even gotten to the point that it’s logical to infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens (even make them take classes and fill out paperwork) instead of just doing a background check (to make sure they are not convicted felons) before carrying concealed. The proposed legislation for outlawing certain types of arms are flowing like the booze at most family gatherings…and will end up causing more of a train wreck.


Really? This is what we’re doing as a nation?


The plan is to take a FUNDAMENTAL right that was outlined specifically by the founders – the right of self-defense against ANY enemy, to include a tyrannical government – that was given to us by our Creator and flush it down the toilet. Bravo.


I won’t even get into the statistics of gun controlΒ  leading to more violent crime. I won’t go into how the mass shootings happen in areas with tight gun control already. I won’t go into how the only law that has made ANY positive difference in the amount of violent crime is making concealed carry legal. I won’t go into any of that. It’s about our RIGHTS! Our real, God-given rights.


So, are you going to buy into the idiotic rhetoric the gun control advocates are spewing? Or are you going to get informed (start with buying my book by clicking on the picture of it to the right) and arm yourself with the truth (and maybe a .45)? C’mon! We have a country to save!