There are some who are under the impression that words, in and of themselves, have power. Let’s test that.


I am going to tell you to do something: Send me all your money, right now.


Did it work? Are you going for your checkbook right now? Wait…no? Huh. If words are powerful, then you MUST do what I say, what anyone says, right?


It’s the same lack of logic that dictates that guns have power. Nope. I have had guns for years and years and, I’ll tell ya, NONE have just up and shot someone by themselves. I know, this is shocking to gun control advocates.


Here’s the deal. Words only have the power that we attribute to the speaker/writer. The words, as you saw before when you laughed in my face about my “order” to send me money, are powerless. Now, if I were a force to be reckoned with…say, the IRS, backed by the full might and force of the US Federal Government…and I said, “Send me money,” the effect would be totally different. Sucky, but different.


Also, keyboards cannot misspell words, forks don’t make a person fat, and words are powerless, by themselves. We all knew this in grade-school, didn’t we? “Sticks and stones…” ring a bell? The words only hurt if we give power to those who say them.

Two kids arguing0002

So, don’t assign power to the wrong people. The words? They are just a tool…like guns, knives, forks, keyboards, etc. Use them well! šŸ™‚


Artwork submitted by Katie Carter (age 12)