Okay, I know that was a quote from the ghost of Christmas Present, and it’s after Christmas, but work with me! I’m going to let you know me better. We will start with the premise that I was an adorable kid. Nice, calm, loving…you get the idea. I mean, look at that face!

Young Holli2

My story begins when I was 5 (maybe 6). I was just minding my own business one night around bedtime. My dad was in law school, my mom was working and going to school, but at night, my folks were there to tuck my sister and I in.


Once the lights were turned off, my folks had headed to bed. I called out to my mom that I could not feel my leg. Nada. Totally numb.


She massaged, pinched, poked, questioned, everything she could think of to see if she could find the cause of the numbness.


After an exhaustive search for the cause, my mom called the doctor (this was back when you actually called the doctor, not the hotline). Anyway, the doc said to take a pin and prick me along my leg to see where the paralysis started. She did so, finding my entire leg numb. Then, the doctor said to stick the needle in my foot.


If a needle is stuck into a foot, he said, that is a sure sign that there is something wrong (as in, can’t fake that!).


My mother complied. No response from me. My leg was dead.


After consulting with the doctor, he said he’d call he ambulance. Once they hung up, my mom, now very worried, came to my side to tell me that the doctor was calling the ambulance, that help was coming, and that we’d go to the hospital to find out what was wrong with my numb leg.


At this point, I jumped out of bed and said, “JUST KIDDING!!! I’m fine! Hahaha!” Somehow, my mother refrained from throttling me.


Okay, maybe I was/am a little diabolical…