Recently, I asked my father to sum up, in his words, the projected spending and tax cuts that the Congress now does with their budget numbers.


Keep in mind that most businesses project their budgets out 5 years when looking at the future of the company to get a feel for what can happen. They know that any shorter and they’ll miss the forest for the trees, and any longer out and their predictions will be as good as the weatherman’s are.


Here is my father’s response after expounding on the ridiculous notion of a budget “cut” that I discussed in the last post.

“Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does.  About a decade ago, Congress went from a 5 year projected budget to a 10 year projection.  Never mind that we have never, ever projected even one year’s spending with any accuracy whatsoever.  The ten-year process allows discussion of truly phantom numbers because no congress can bind another’s decisions.  There will be at least four elections between what the budget projects and what is actually approved when the last set of elected officials vote the final installment.  There is no way to hold anyone accountable today for spending tomorrow.  Nice arrangement.”


You got that? They suck so badly at predicting spending and revenue, they EXTENDED how far out they’ll be wrong. It gets better…

“This also allows congress to project huge savings in the distant future.  Listen carefully—additional spending will always be proposed in the earliest one or two years while additional cuts will always be scheduled for the last year or two of the projection.  So on average, the budget will look sort of balanced.  It’s funny how those cuts never seem to materialize.”


Ok, so it seems that we have this GREAT system where the spending increases always happen, but the cuts? Not so much. Yet, they can CLAIM that they have made cuts. Klassy Congress…real klassy.


So, when they stand up and blather on about how “draconian” the cuts will be…they ALL know they are fibbing. Every single stinking one of them.But, they figure YOU are stupid enough to buy their crap. Well, are you?You can either keep on believing the MSM and those in government who spew this nonsense and shut your eyes to the truth, in which case, you are as useful an idiot as they wish you to be, or you can face the truth and WAKE UP! Then, wake up your neighbor. We have a country to save.