Bush-Obama Spending Spike

Can anyone look at this and not see how insane the spending is? And, the insanity gets worse when you see just how stupid those in government think you are. Read on.


Imagine you are doing your budget for next year. You want to know what your expenditures are going to be, roughly, and you use last year’s budget for a reference.



Each year you have added 5% increased spending, as a matter of course, no matter what inflation is, or any other considerations.  You just add that spending in there, yep, regardless of your income.


Well, your revenues (income) have increased each year some, but your spending has blown that out of the water. Now, it’s time to look at what needs to be done.


You already work full-time, and have a part-time job. Your wife works, and you’ve taken all the money you can from your teenagers who work, but you still are short. You figure you don’t need sleep! Your job performance won’t be affected at all, right??


Let’s presume your wife talks you down and you realize that your spending is what is out of control. (This will likely never happen in politician land, but just work with me). So, you decide to see about not spending so much, since you make $100,000 a year, but spend $146,000 each year.


Now, you come up with this amazing plan. Instead of increasing the budget another 5% next year, you decide to increase it only 2.5%.


Your kids go nuts!! What are you, crazy?? You’re cutting spending by HALF!!! How will we live?! What are you? Some kind of horrible guy that wants us to live in squalor and die on the floor?!


You see how your spending is NOT, in fact, being cut? You see how your spending is STILL INCREASING and that you will have to borrow even more money just to keep up with current levels of spending, let alone what you’ll add?


Yeah, that’s how our government does budget math, in part. The discussions of “draconian cuts”? Yeah, that’s percentages of cuts on the assumed increase.


Oh, and, there’s more to come, in future posts, about budgeting government style. Are you still going to buy into their lies?


You can either keep on believing the MSM and those in government who spew this nonsense and shut your eyes to the truth, in which case, you are as useful an idiot as they wish you to be, or you can face the truth and WAKE UP! Then, wake up your neighbor. We have a country to save.