Here’s the situation. There is THE FISCAL CLIFF!!! and it’s coming up. Republicans don’t want to raise taxes, especially since they are staking their reputations on this pledge that they made not to do that.


We have Obama, who says NO MATTER WHAT, there will be no deal without tax increases. (Of course, the lap-dog media only reports the Republican’s ultimatum, but whatever…).


Now, you and I know that it’s all about spending. The tax rates Obama and his guys (and gals!) are calling for will not even make a dent in the deficit, let alone the debt. The “draconian cuts” are a joke and are not the issue, or the problem, really.


So, what are we left with? An impasse, it seems. OR…


The Republicans could just walk away. Now, what does that entail? It means they say loudly and often, and to whomever will listen and then some, “Obama and Democrats. We quit this discussion. We will not agree to raise taxes, so you put together your proposal and we’ll be forced to vote on that.”


Then, they could be*cough, cough* sick on the day of the vote, vote “present,” like dear leader did so many times, or just boycott the proceedings publicly and with great aplomb.


This accomplishes three things:

1. The cliff will be dealt with in whatever manner the Democrats want. They will, once again, have no restrictions for their plan.

2. The Republicans won’t have to go back on their word, sort of. It’s honest enough for a politician, right?

3. The Democrats won’t have anyone to blame but themselves when it doesn’t work, and if the Republicans were smart (I know, I know…) they would shout this from the rooftops.


But, this is but a pipe dream. This requires that Republicans have a spine, which they don’t; that they have a firm belief that their way is better, which they don’t, apparently; and the political savvy to pull this off, which they have demonstrated they don’t. I mean, they didn’t even consistently and loudly report of the cover up about Benghazi when there was an American Ambassador DEAD along with three other Americans and probably the most important election in decades to win. You think they’ll get some intestinal fortitude over taxes? Think again…


However, if there WERE some kind of Divine Intervention and they all decided to follow this plan, this is what would happen: the Democrats would all of a sudden care MORE about partisanship than fulfilling their deepest desires. They would cancel the vote.


I ask you this: if you have a deep, core value, like not raising taxes in a time of economic trouble because you KNOW it will hurt people, do you really CARE if anyone else agrees with the idea? Would you really stop all votes to make sure some Democrats will agree with you before going ahead? No. You would cast your vote for no increase in taxes like a flash of lightning because you KNOW it’s the right thing to do. But, that’s the exact argument the Democrats use when they do things like cancelling the vote and complain about a lack of partisanship.


Because of this, you can rest assured that the Democrats do NOT want partisanship…they want someone to blame besides themselves.


You can know this is true because when they had control of both houses AND the white house, the Democrats did NOT get a measure passed that increased taxes solely on “the rich.” It failed 194 to 233. That’s a lot of Democrats who voted no, even though they needed ZERO votes from ANY Republican to pass that measure. Why would they balk then and yet have no compunction of accusing the Republicans of holding them hostage now that they have lost the House? Exactly. They needed someone to blame.


They should have kept in mind that, as the saying goes, when they point one finger at the Republicans, there are three pointing back at them.


Too bad the Republicans seem to only know how to navel gaze when faced with this situation. Good job guys*.

*I hope you’re catching the sarcasm in that statement. I was laying it on pretty thick.