I live in a school district that used to be very, very poor. So, the state and the feds, in their infinite wisdom, made other school districts pay them money. My district was on board with this idea! It was FAIR, you see.


Fast forward a couple of decades and now we are flush. We are in the Eagle Ford Shale area, and, much to the chagrin of eco-spazoids and Obama, have lots of petroleum type substances on lots of private land being sucked out of the hard shale ground.


With that prosperity comes revenue. With that tax money come the unintended consequence of “reverse Robin Hood.” You guessed it, now the district has to give its money away to other districts!


They are sooper happy about this! Ecstatic, even, I…oh, wait. No. That’s not true. They’re actually very upset.


This election, they had some proposals on the ballots making sure that they get to choose how to spend their money, dash it all! They want to make it so they spend the money on students that come to their schools because it’s NOT FAIR that they should have to write a check to the state and have them distribute the money. They got that money fair and square, they say.


Oh, the irony! Because when they were getting the money, they were all about how it WASN’T FAIR that they didn’t get to spend the money they were getting from other districts as they saw fit.


Fiscal karma, I guess. Still sad for the kids. This type of thing is yet another reason I home school.