I’ve posted this, and Part 2 before, but this is a good time to reemphasize what our POTUS means when he says negotiations have to start with 1967 borders.


It makes me irritated when people say they are for peace with Israel, if ONLY they would go back to pre-1967 borders because they are OCCUPYING land right now. It’s crap, and I’ll tell you why. This is a really short, truncated history, with links to get you up to speed in case you hunger for more details.


You gotta know about the 1917 Balfour Declaration in which, Britain, being in control of Palestine, said it should be a “national home” for Jewish people. This is after the horrors they (the Jews) endured during WWI. They had tried just living where they ended up (as Helen Thomas indicated they should do again) after being ousted from the homeland lo these many centuries ago. It ended in governments starving millions of them, on purpose during peace time; torturing; gassing; and numerous other horrors, over the course of decades, repeatedly. Can…

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