I read a few articles discussing how many people voted about the economy…it’s still the number one issue. Then, I was puzzled to read that it was being blamed on BUSH. I mean, do people even realize it was Romney that Obama was running against? Not Bush? He wasn’t at any rallies that I missed was he? Weird.


Now, I am not going to go into the specifics of why the economy is not ALL Bush’s fault because of the change over in Congress, the creation of toxic assets that were never created before (and most people don’t even understand) and were a reaction to Clinton’s tripling down on the Community Reinvestment Act, the speeches that McCain and others gave on the senate floor warning of the collapse since 2005, etc. You’re welcome.


But, let’s discuss the reaction TO the financial collapse. Obama has not put ONE person in jail for the mess in the financial markets. He postured a lot, sure. He made some great speeches, but he never called for the House to bring up any charges or the Senate to have a hearing. Instead he gave lots and lots of money to the very people who helped create the mess in the first place.


Let’s time tunnel back to the Savings and Loan scandal. BIG problems, corruption, you name it. And people went to jail. For this disaster, Obama comes in, deftly assesses the situation and…throws more money at the people who created the mess and signs the new banking bill that let’s the banks get off scot-free. Wait…


To boot, Obama and the Democrats had TWO YEARS where they could have passed ANY bill they wanted, regardless of the feelings or objections of “the party of NO.” Yet, instead of making sure the people at fault for the financial mess went to jail, they extended Bush’s tax “cuts” (don’t get me started on the tax code and the lies therein), deemed Obamacare to be passed, and urged the Federal Reserve to print more money and buy our own debt.


At this point, only the willfully ignorant or those in the cult of personality will agree that Bush has any fault for what Obama has just ‘inherited’ as of last night.