In the wake of any catastrophe, most people are helpful to one another and commiserate with their neighbors. Then, some things get up and running, like the gas stations open up (and runs out of gas to sell), the grocery store (which then quickly runs out of food), and the like…and people can turn on each other.

The real character of people comes out a few days afterward. I pray that those affected by Sandy will show the mettle needed to see this through, even though hungry, cold, and stranded.

I have read some headlines where people have started getting to this stage of becoming angry, and I just pray they will rise to the challenge. Because the reality is, it’s only just begun, and there will still be some time yet that people have to wait to get “civilization” up and running.

Got Gas?

Reports of gas siphoning are coming in, police having to be stationed at the pumps, and people are getting testy.

As much as people want to think their dollars they send for aid are helping people in real-time, we get stories like this where the Staten Island Borough President renounces the Red Cross and calls them a disgrace:

Still yet, there are some who are looting and there is violence in the streets. It’s not pretty, the aftermath.

In this sad scenario, there are highlights, and this is where the most important part kicks in. There are private organizations and charities that have come to the aid of many. There are individuals helping other individuals. There are inestimable acts of kindness that will go unsung, only a portion of which are featured, like this one in the Today News:

From the Today Show

Families in Hoboken, New Jersey help out stranded neighbors by offering up their power strips and coffee pots.

This is the real America. This is what we are made of. We just don’t get them all on TV or in print…and that’s okay. The fact that they are happening is showing just what Americans are truly made of.

May God bless those affected that the spirit of kindness and helpfulness will help them to overcome the base instincts of selfishness.