This aircraft can shoot, with one round, a man and kill him while leaving the one next to him standing, unharmed. That’s without lasers. The marines on the roof were laser identifying the enemy fighters on the ground…and the admin told the AC130 to stand down. They knowingly left them to die alone, unaided.

AC-130U On Scene At Benghazi, Obama Admin Told Them NOT to Fire

My father, a retired special ops flier (AF) said the guys on the roof in Benghazi were reported to have been laser spotting the enemies on the ground.

He was puzzled because you only do that if you have an AC130 gunship (accurate enough to kill with one shot one guy and miss the guy standing next to him) flying overhead. This article explains what happened.

And, the president is STILL going around saying they will bring to justice the men responsible. He already had his chance. He chose to let them kill our marines.

Please pass this info along to everyone you know. The alphabet press is sitting on this. I don’t know how they sleep at night.