I just chatted on the phone with a dear and wonderful friend last night. I had not talked to her in some time, and it was lovely to hear her voice and to find that, once again, our friendship, upon re-engaging, had lost nothing in the interim.


We are on polar opposites of the spectrum when it comes to political philosophy, and there are times when I’m sure we’d love to smack each other upside the head. πŸ™‚ We love each other nonetheless and we keep the lines of communication open in this arena.


While we were chatting, she told me that she is an ideological socialist, meaning, she would love it if it were able to work, but knows it cannot, nor has it ever. I responded that our founders were, as well. They stated that if men were angels, no government would be necessary, and if the government were run by angels, no restrictions on it would be necessary. People would care for each other, prosper, and there would be no poor among us. But, they also realized that people suck, so to speak.


We went on to discuss how there, in history, tends to be an ebb and flow of liberty and tyranny (mostly flowing from liberty to tyranny). Even those civilizations like Rome that had relative freedom ended in tyranny. She stated that she feels confident that our citizens will flow back to liberty, since we have done so before. Being an avid student of history, I know that once liberty has been lost, it will not be regained, and stated that I needed to borrow some of her confidence as I did not have that same feeling.


She, being educated in this sort of thing, likened human history to predator and prey. There is an ebb and flow in nature where if the predators kill off too many of the prey, they grow to be too many and a large number die. In the meantime the prey has time to recover their numbers. Thus, the balance is restored.


In some ways, upon further reflection of our conversation, the analogy can stand. However, it can only stand in this country, and a few other specific examples. In every other instance, where liberty was lost, it remains gone. Russians don’t have liberty, they just have a bit less tyranny.Β  Chinese, once taken over by the Communists, have never regained the level of liberty they enjoyed beforehand. Cuba, the same. European countries have some liberty, but not economic freedom (see Insights from Finland for more on that). And, their freedoms are declining. Middle eastern people (aside from those living in Israel) have almost no freedom, especially in places like Iran.

In the US, the tendency to adhere to the Constitution has come and go as generations have come along. Many who grow up in an era where freedom has brought prosperity reject that freedom in an effort to bring about changes to the system that will deny those that come after them the freedoms that they enjoyed and brought them success and wealth. It seems counter-intuitive, but it happens over and over. However, I feel that is not a given…it CAN be avoided.


So, while she is an ideologue about socialist policies working, I am an ideologue about parents teaching their children that we must restore the Constitution if we are to be free. Sadly, history has shown that her wishing will yield nothing but a distribution of poverty (no matter how good intentioned the socialist style policies are when implemented, as they become more and more destructive every time). It has also, tragically, shown that the next generation that is born into prosperity will need to be educated by those who created it…and that usually does not happen anymore. I see more people awakening, and that’s good. Is it enough? I don’t know.


I guess we are both wishful thinkers. We must both nutty up and realize that we must take the world as it IS, not as we feel it should be.


That is the sentiment expressed by Thomas Sowell when he states, “Each new generation born is in effect an invasion of civilization by little barbarians, who must be civilized before it is too late.”


Can we turn this thing around before it’s too late?