This blog is dedicated to those who do things for the wrong reasons.

So, you want to feel super good about yourself and you went out and bought a car that will *save the planet*!! You got an electric car.

The reason I say you did this to make yourself feel better is because the number one response to why people buy electric cars is because it says something about them and how much more they care about the environment than others around them (called the “Prius Effect”).

But, let’s just say you did it because you think C02 really is a bad thing and you actually think this car is going to do something to save the environment that private ownership of land (which has been proven to be the best way to get the average person to have a vested interest in caring for the environment) just can’t seem to accomplish once the Federal Government decided to stop selling land to private individuals because, obviously, they do everything better. /sarc/ Okay, we’ll start there.

Well, what do you do with that car when it needs charging? You plug it in. Great. Where do you plug it in? To an electrical outlet. Super. Once it’s plugged in and charging…where does the electricity come from?

Mostly…coal fired plants. D’oh!

Now,  I realize, being one who likes to check out this kind of thing, that the coal plants in this country are pretty much squeaky clean. I am all for coal plants. The POTUS should really stop regulating them out of business (like he promised he would). But, for those who think they are wicked, you need to understand that if they keep shutting down plants, the cost to charge your electric car will “necessarily skyrocket,” to quote President Obama, and his energy plan. I guess you could feel even more patriotic for paying more taxes. Yea?

And, if that’s not enough…you should consider that, instead of having a car that burns fuel at a decently clean rate, you are just outsourcing your energy production. While any coal plants that still remain open thank you for the patronage, I doubt that’s what you thought you were doing when you bought this car to send a message. The one you’re really sending is, “Hey, I prefer coal over gas!” Klassy.

If you’re going to buy an electric car, do it because you like how quietly it runs, how you can plug it into your house that runs on solar panels with a bank of battery back-ups – presuming you have money to burn on those things and presume electricity will be scarce in the future, or because you can sneak up on your teens in the house due to the intensely quiet engine.

But, don’t do it because you think it will “save the earth,” because it won’t. Private ownership of land would…but that’s another blog.