I was having a chat with someone who grew up in Finland, married an American and moved to the US, and still has family there. Here are excerpts from our conversation.

Finnish Friend: I have so many friends that are looking for a handout, and it saddens me. I grew up in Europe and loved it, but after seeing the differences between the good old USA and Europe, I do not want to go back and live there. I even became a US citizen. That is why I am passionate about the freedoms we enjoy here. I just need to be bold and not worry about what family and friends think. I guess I better start praying that Romney picks a good vp.

Later in the conversation…

FF: You can not have a discussion with socialists… [A man I know, who lives in Finland]…is very well to do. There has been accusations that [he] must have done something illegal to be so rich or at least must not pay enough taxes. They can not see that he works countless hours and has started business[es] and then sold them. All the [truly] rich people have left Finland since they do not want to see 50% of their income to go to taxes. That is one of the reasons why the economy there is doing so poorly. Also they can not afford to keep all the social programs running. My dad can not get in to testing to see what is wrong with his heart until end of August. [This wait has been going on for months already.] His life is not valued since he is drawing a pension and not working and paying taxes. I just wish Europe could adopt Obama and leave us alone.

I must add here that my FF informed me that the man she knows who is well to do has been tried three times for the same crime. He has been found innocent all three times. They do not have double jeopardy laws in Finland. Found innocent? So what…take it back to court.

What was his crime, you ask? Selling his stocks and making a profit from it.

God bless the USA!