…we get our rights from our “Creator.” That’s a direct quote and one of the four references to God in the Declaration of Independence.

Now, let me get something straight, here. The Declaration of Independence is the “why” of America and the Constitution is the “how.”

Think of a business. They write their Articles of Incorporation, and then they write by-laws. The by-laws cannot supersede nor go against anything in the Articles. The Articles describe the business and its purpose…a mission statement, so to speak. Then, the by-laws are the rules by which the mission is carried out. The same applied to our Declaration and the Constitution.

Ok, moving back to where we get our rights. The Declaration mentions God four times and is very clear about who gives us our rights. (Hint: it’s not other people.)

Now, those of you who are atheists might be grumpy about now. But, you’re just going to have to suck it up. If there is no God, then we get our rights from humans. If we get our rights from humans, they can take them away, and make it legal. The way our country is set up, our rights come from God, and no man can take them away legally.Everyone with me so far?

When we use the Declaration to Interpret the Constitution, we see that LIFE is a RIGHT that NO ONE can take away without due process of the law. And, if there are any questions about the meaning of life we can look at the handy-dandy notebook that God gave us, called The Holy Bible. In it there are a couple of telling scriptures…namely:

“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5

Uh-oh. I think that means that the “thing” growing in the womb is a person!

And, Proverbs 31:8, which reads:

Open your mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction. (In which “dumb” is the literal meaning, “lacking the power of speech.”

So, when we are dismembering fetuses (who happen to be dumb, and oddly enough, appointed for destruction), we must keep in mind that we are shedding innocent blood. To add insult to injury, it’s someone that God knew before He created that person in the belly. This is one of the groups of people who God is telling us to open our mouths (speak up) to defend.

Now, if we JUST look at the Constitution, we can join science and the Law and see what happens.

They life cycle of any animal, according to scientists, begins AT CONCEPTION…for any mammal. Since humans fall into the category of mammal, our life cycle also begins at conception. Before this, there are ovum and sperm, neither of which will amount to a human, no matter how you try to keep them alive..they will never become genetically distinct individual. Once joined, they are, in fact, a genetically distinct individual, and a separate human from the mother, in whom it is being formed.

The Constitution explicitly states that the right to life of anyone cannot be taken without due process of law. So, a mother would have to charge the fetus growing inside her with a crime. Due to the fact that there has been no malice aforethought, I’d wager this would be mighty hard to do. So, even without God, the logic of it being a human being remains, and the Constitution protects all human beings. Period.

So, if it’s a human, and God made it, and God gives rights, what makes anyone think that the rights we get don’t start when we start?

Some will say that a woman’s body is to do with as she pleases. Well, she can’t commit suicide. That’s illegal. And, it’s illegal for the State to kill a pregnant woman on death row because the child (the courts’ words) inside her is innocent of a crime. But, that same woman can get an abortion to kill the innocent person inside her, and then be killed. Huh?

Now, some might say that a woman has a “right” to birth control, abortion, etc. (For further explanation of this being a “right” as ludicrous, please see my blog https://hollierthanthee.com/2011/03/25/but-but-what-about-my-rights/).

Let me ask you this…how can a woman spontaneously get pregnant without making the choice to have sex? (This discussion does not address the cases of rape and incest…you want this blog to end sometime this year, right? We’ll discuss that in another one…but this is talking about women who CHOOSE to have sex).  So, she has CHOICE of actions. All actions have consequences.

Therefore, if a woman chooses to have sex, then she chooses the possible consequences, one of which is pregnancy.  This is not the fault of the baby that is growing in her. So, why does she then have the “right to privacy” to kill it? If her kids, that are born, are cramping her style, does she have the right to “privacy” and kill them in her own home? No. What’s the difference? Location.

Some will argue that a woman should be able to have sex and not have to deal with consequences. What planet are they from? It’s certainly not earth. So, in the discussions about rights, we need to consider the rights of all, not just a certain portion on the population.