Lee Harvey Oswald was reported to be a Catholic. Seems the fact that he renounced his faith and became an atheist Communist was unimportant. But, what does truth matter when someone can use him to say that radicalized Muslims aren’t the only members of a faith that kill in the name of God?

Hitler got elected by spewing Christian principles. Was he a Christian? NO! Show me in the Holy Bible where is states that God wants his chosen people to be annihilated. Show me where killing other Christians (Hitler’s record was 5:1 Christians to Jews) is Christian in nature. Show me where Jesus states that we should hate and kill innocent people. I’ll give you the Cliff’s Notes on this one: you won’t find anything like that in the Holy Bible.

Were there some wars outlined in the Bible? Yep. Were some of them fought in God’s name? Yep. Show me where the followers of Jehovah started the war. Go ahead. I’ve got time. (Hint: You won’t find it. They only fought in defense after being attacked.)

Jared Loughner was an insane man who preferred the Communist Manifesto to the bible, but he was portrayed as “yet another Christian” going nuts and shooting people. If he’s Christian, I’m the Little Red Hen.

Just because someone states that they are something, doesn’t mean it’s true. The Westboro Baptists call themselves Christians, but I don’t remember where Jesus said, “I hate fags.” Nope. I’ve read it through (more than once), and it’s just not there. There isn’t even an inference. There are plenty of passages where Jesus states that He loves everyone; that He died for everyone’s sins. He goes on about loving the sinner. He does lay out guidelines for living according to His Word, but nothing in there even comes close to picketing funerals of soldiers who gave their lives for their country.

So, I could call myself the CEO of GE. But, see, I’d be LYING. And so are people like the Westboro Baptists. They can call themselves whatever they want. But, by our actions people will know us. Act like a Christian, and your label will be appropriate. The MSM can label Lee Harvey Oswald a Christian, but that would be a lie. See a trend?