There has only been one extermination order made law in the history of The United States. It was signed by Missouri Governor Lilburn W. Boggs on October 27, 1838. The crime that required this unique and horrific order? Being Mormon.

It was in effect until June 25, 1976. That’s not a typo. 1976.

The reason? The church had a serious anti-slavery stance and many Mormons owned choice pieces of land, that they had purchased honestly. The Missouri Compromise was in the works, and the Mormons wanted to vote.

The order stated that the Mormons would be driven out, or killed. There was no treaty signed. They had not agreed to remove, yet remained in the country. The were not stalling the inevitable. There was no grace period. It was a genocidal order, effective immediately. Women and children were thrown into the cold from their homes and made to walk, many barefoot, in the snow, all the way out of the state of Missouri. And that was some of the nicer things done to the innocent citizens.

The federal government wouldn’t do anything to help. So, the Mormons left the country. Then, the country enveloped them once again, as it acquired the land on which they lived. Many of them fought on the Union side of the Civil War, for the very country that had denied them the right to even live. None fought for the Confederacy.

This country’s founding documents have a high bar. The system of government is the best ever invented. The people of that time did not live up to the standard, but that does not mean that the standard should be lowered…or fundamentally transformed. It means we need to follow it more closely, we must meet IT.

This, my dearest friends, is why we need to study real history…so we can see WHY this can once again be the greatest nation on earth; what made it so great from the get go; and how we can restore the greatness of our founding documents, and, as individuals, attempt to meet the high standard they demand.