On Feb. 2nd, two things happened simultaneously. We’ll take them one at a time:

Thing that happened #1: Because of the day, and because I just love that movie, I bought Groundhog Day yesterday (and then watched it). A friend of mine had some very insightful thoughts on the movie that started a train of thought in my head once the other item came into play,

“I’ve heard a lot of pros and cons about this movie. I like it because it shows how Bill Murray changes as he relives the same day: at first in shock, then to satisfy his own selfish needs, then depression, then a determination to improve his own life… and culminating in using his knowledge of the day’s events to benefit the lives of others. Some people say, “the whole point of the movie is he can’t leave that day until he sleeps with Andie MacDowell”. Point of fact, he never does in the movie. In fact, only when he truly loves her and does not want to use her that way, can he finally escape Groundhog Day.” ~ Brandt M.

Side Note: When they wake up and it’s the “next day,” Rita, when being kissed by Phil, says, “Why weren’t you like this last night? You just fell asleep!” So, the myth of him sleeping with her to get out of the day is debunked!

Ok, onto the rest. The movie gives the feeling that there is a purpose to the day in which he is stuck. If that is so, then the purpose must come from somewhere. He even says he thinks he’s a god, “Not THE God, but A god.” For argument’s sake, we’ll just say “higher power.” And, to shorten that, we’ll go with God…you know, THE God.


Thing that happened #2: The president of these United States came out and offered his opinion that Jesus would agree with him that the rich should pay higher taxes (as in, higher tax RATES).

Now, first and foremost, the thing that comes to my mind is that God calls for tithing (meaning 1/10th). He never calls for 1/10th, unless you make more than $250,000/year, then you pay 1/5th. No. Even in this, one can see He invented the flat tax. God also said you are not to steal. But, one must own something for it to be stolen, so God invented private property, too.

My next thought was that, in this movie, the plot shows the progression of a person’s spiritual development (be it “getting closer to being ‘one’ with the universe,” or “becoming a better person and spiritually becoming more like Jesus and/or God”, it follows this line of thinking).

Thus, the movie seems to be an example of what Jesus talked about extensively. We needed to be meek, humble, and serve others. In this movie, the main character does just that. What we don’t see is him trucking over to the IRS office to write a big fat check to them saying, “I’ve been given much, so much is required of me!” No, he went and did things for other people, he gave of himself, directly to others.  Progressives think that they can legislate people into doing good, and that then there can be a utopia because people would just get used to doing good and so evolve. Big government proponents make paying taxes seem like charity. Uh, no. Humans don’t evolve into better beings all by themselves, or by being forced into it. Nor does anyone truly see writing a check to the government as charity.

We become better when we decide to do so, at the direction of someone much smarter than us that gave us some Commandments by which to live. There was no government program in this movie that spurred him to be better…he did it when he finally reach that decision to do so, as an individual. As our founders (and others) stated, each generation has to figure out for themselves whether or not to be free. It’s not an inherited trait that can be passed on by blood. Smart people.

Some say that Jesus was a Socialist because he healed people for free. No, that’s called “Charity,” otherwise known as the true love of Christ. If he were a Socialist, he would have sent a bill to Caesar to get paid with the citizens’ taxes. No, he gave of himself, directly to others. Not that this character, Phil, is like Jesus…but he is following His example, like we’re all supposed to do. Even if you are an atheist, you can most likely agree that it’s not a good idea to be an all around jerk-face.

I have read the Bible through a couple of times, and have studied my, ahem, “fair share.” Certainly not enough to memorize it, but there is certainly a common theme. Jesus does not talk about the type of government one must have. He deals with how the church members should act. He talks about how we should treat each other on an individual level. He NEVER advocated taking your cloak, giving it to the tax collectors so they could sell it, and then use that money to feed the poor. NO! You are to, as an individual, give someone your cloak, especially if you have two, and you are to feed the poor yourself. You can do that by giving you money to a real charity, buying some food for someone you know is down on his or her luck, or any number of things. He never once told anyone to “make the rich pay by threat of force from the government.” Now, I have read many humans who advocate that, but never Jesus…and Jesus is whom the president is using as an example.

Before you get all snippy and say I left something out…He did say that it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven. But, he said that when the rich man loved his money more than he loved the Lord. That’s why we have the phrase: the love of money is the root of all evil. It is not money…but the love of IT over the Lord and Savior of all mankind. Man, those facts are sticky, no?

One other thought: while God gives us everything that we have, other people do not “give” us our wealth, however great or meager it is. We EARN our wealth in this country (unless you are a congress person who made tons of money off of insider trading info that you voted to be legal for you to do…and other criminal activity). So, for Obama to say that he was given wealth is ridiculous. Did he or did he not write books that people bought? Did he or did he not earn royalties on those books? Well, he was not GIVEN anything in that regard.

We can discuss more of the political theories some other time, but, to address this instance, the subject is that he earned his wealth. If he wants to do as Jesus commands, he should start by giving up this notion that he has about collective salvation (Jesus NEVER preached THAT!!) and soaking the rich for more than their fair share. Hint: it has to do with paying the same RATE, which would, in fact, make them pay MORE money…their fair share, in fact.

If he is going to be invoking Jesus for examples, he could probably start giving more to charity…less than 1% from 2000-2004 (with 2006 being a whole 6%) is a LITTLE shy of the full 10% that The One he is using as his example indicated is pleasing to Him.