On Jan. 16th, I wrote a piece regarding Ron Paul’s foreign policy while reading an online debate between a proponent and an opponent to his views. You can find the blog here: http://wwwjr.wordpress.com/

Following is my post, as found on the site:

As with any foreign policy discussion, one must attempt not to be centrist in viewpoint. To believe that America is the only country participating in foreign relations, and therefore the only country influencing relations between countries, is intellectually dishonest.

One must balance the US foreign policy criticisms with knowledge of other facts. For instance, while the leaders of Iran call America the Great Satan, to the cheering of millions, they do not do the same for Iraq. But, Iraq and Iran had actual warfare with each other. In fact, Hussein, when still in power, minced no words when talking about destroying Iran and taking over the entire country. Not that there is any love lost between countries, but we have a special reservation of being the Great Satan? It doesn’t match up.

Both Turkey and Britain occupied Iran at one point or another, but the venom is not poured out for Turkey. It, instead, is reserved for Britain.

Further, we need to know who leads those chanting for the death of the countries of Israel and America. Some people say that the only reason Iran (or anyone) hates America is because of our actions. However, Israel, from its birth with the Balfour Agreement in 1914 was and is a target of many nations. This is regardless of the fact that Israelis had purchased the land that was made in to a new nation, the Arabs hadn’t even wanted to live there previously as the land was awful, and the idea of being a Palestinian was non-existent to everyone before June of 1967 (they were Jordanians, etc.). Israel never invaded the Middle East. Its residents are made of the descendants of millions of Jews who escaped the slaughter experienced by those in their home countries and finally accepted to create a separate place for them. They are teensy compared to the massive Iran. Yet, the leadership of Iran wishes to destroy that young country. The Iranian government accepts the boundaries of Turkey (established in 1923), but not of Israel (1914). There is always more to the story than what the government is doing today. We are not the only players in the global “game” of drawing boundaries, dividing and/or adding land, and war.

Ahmadinejad doesn’t deny that atrocities happened under Hussein, yet denies the Holocaust happened. He prays at the end of every UN speech to hasten the return of the 12th Imam. If one studies this prayer, one finds that the 12th Imam will only come when global chaos is happening, and the blood of infidels soaks the earth. This is who is running Iran.

Ron Paul’s foreign policy regarding Iran, would most likely have worked when Iran was still named Persia, or before 1979. Sadly, since then there has been a drastic change of events that ended with the rule of radical Islamists, who rule the country today. Those who rule Iran today are madmen who wish to destroy Israel, American, and all of the countries that exude western ideals. They hate us for existing.

Our founding fathers were brilliant and wise. They studied and understood the history of the government, social mores, and economic systems of all the empires, and of many of the smaller countries, in the history of the world. They create a system never seen before on earth, save two exceptions that had long since perished.

They were not isolationists, but were for protecting the interests of America. They were surrounded by enemy countries that were using every tact possible to kill off the fledgling nation. They faced grave danger in signing the Declaration of Independence. They, through Divine Providence, established a country of freedom following a civil war/revolution. This may be the only time, ever, in history where civil war, once the revolution was completed, when a republic and peace followed the newly installed government.

Had our leaders kept to their principles, we would live in a different world. Had Americans remained engaged and informed enough to elect leaders who would have kept to the Constitution and the precepts therein, had they truly defended the US and her interests when it was first necessary, had they followed the spirit of the laws outlined in our Supreme Law of the Land, we would not be having this discussion.

But, it has happened. We must deal with it. We cannot erase the past, but must move forward in ways that attempt to repair the damage. This does not mean adopting the brilliant strategies of our founders today. We threw that option out the window long ago, beginning with Woodrow Wilson and his meddling in and after WWI. It means dealing with the real threats that face us, and then coming home, in an orderly manner, once we are secure.

We cannot deal with madmen as if they are rational or reasonable. That led to the extermination of millions of Jews and Christians in the years prior to and during WWII, and to the Holodomor. The deaths of tens of millions are a direct consequence of ignoring the words of insane men who rule countries, who we try to appease or with whom we try to reason.

We must not ignore the threats we face. We must be realistic in our position. We must not allow others to use our foreign policy mistakes of the past to condemn us now. Every country that has ever existed in every country in the history of the world has had leaders whose foreign policy was dangerous, devastating, and/or evil. We are not alone. We should not take on the mantle of being the only country that has made severe mistakes. We must move forward, boldly learn to say aloud the names of our enemies – radical Islamists, the Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas, etc. We must allow our military to fight as needed to eliminate the threats. We do not need to eliminate each person in the groups of our enemies. We but need to show we are strong enough, and are serious enough, to do it, prove it by some examples, and continue only until they come to the negotiating table to surrender. It is the only way we will be safe.

This is why Ron Paul’s foreign policy would fail. He seems to refuse to deal with the reality of the nature of the leaders of Iran. Until he does so, his foreign policy will continue to be naïve and dangerous.