Here is the good news: I read a Huffington Post story that actually included information that was not skewed beyond recognition!!


Here’s the link:


The funny part is in the comments. There is a guy who is trying to say that what Glenn says is erroneous. How does he do this? He says that Glenn wants to do math, so let’s do this. I’ll quote so I don’t get this *brilliant* wording wrong.


“Okay, Glenn, let me take you through some simple math. In your “marriage equation”, you believe that the variable is the multiplying numeral. 1x(man) + 1y(woman) = z(marriage­). The variable is either x, or y. If we assume that z represents 2, then 1x + 1y = z. Fine. However, 1x + 1x = z and 1y + 1y = z. 3x + 1y cannot add up to z, nor can 1x + 173y….th­e same goes for 3x + 4x etc…­e variable is x or z. It’s just that easy.” David Nicholson


See how he just GETS Glenn in his logic? Ya burnt, Glenn!! See, Glenn said that if you change the variables on one side of the equation (idiot) then you have to be able to change the variables on the other side (moron). This guy points out how STUPID Glenn is…and gets him GOOD! Because if you change the variables on the one side of the equation you…uh…wait…have to…um, change…the…uh…variables on the other, uh, side. Hmmm…



Let’s check in with reality and mathematics on the planet earth, shall we?



If 1x + 1y = z, but x and y are not equal (since men and women are, arguably, different), then 1x cannot equal 1y. So, 1x + 1x cannot under any circumstances = z.


In addition, z is not represented by the number “2”. It’s representing the addition of 1x + 1y. The number two “2” is the integer sum of the addition of 1+1 (which, last time I checked are simple integers). This is a different equation altogether. Unless, of course woman and man are both defined as the number 1, but I think I would have noticed that. When I am asked on any form what sex/gender I am, I have never responded, “1.” Have you?



In conclusion, David Nicholson = simple mathematics FAIL.