My friend, Rex, had amazing insights that he compacted into one paragraph. He touched on all the candidates, and I think it summed things up quite well! The beginning of this piece was in response to a discussion about the candidates, which had landed on Huntsman:

“I know, I’ve heard him talk about evolution, but it seems to me that missing links have still not been found, so I don’t see the necessity of believing in something about which no one can really know, unless he’s a time traveler, but all the candidates have certitudes that I can’t share. Gingrich has a certitude in his superior intelligence, but I wouldn’t put all my money on that roll of the dice unless he was writing a book about a Civil War that never happened that way. Romney has a certitude in his ability to make money, which is fine, but there are things we share together in a government that have no relationship to being a businessman, and I wish he’d talk about those things more. Bachman and Santorum have a certitude in their righteousness, but politics often forces us to choices where purity can be found on neither side. Ron Paul has a certitude that is a rough parallel of Obama, that his minding his own business will result in the other guy minding his own business as well. It’s not a very good defense to let your enemies surround you before you start to understand their hostility. Perry has always been successful before, so he sees no reason why he shouldn’t be this time. I would like it better if he had suffered a little more, because when he gets in the White House, things are going to start to go wrong, and it’s what a President does when that happens that is the measure of a President. Any of them are preferable to the indifference and disdain Obama has shown our country, but all the Republicans need to broaden their outlook.”  – Rex
My last post was over 1,300 words. Rex summed it up in about 300. Ah, to be succinct!