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There was tension (to put it lightly) until 1967 when Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon cut off the international waters to Israel, and mobilized with the intent of completely obliterating the country of Israel. Previously, in an effort to keep the peace, Israel had not answered many (try in the hundreds!) of the terrorist attacks that these countries had propagated against them. The countries continued their campaign…and, they got their butts collectively kicked (again) in 6 days. Got that? SIX DAYS.

Israel fairly kept the land they gained in defending their teeny, tiny country and, thus, it became just a scootch bigger. Seriously, it went from the size of a Ho-Ho to maybe a Twinkie. The important thing was that, after this, they had borders that were actually defensible, and did not require a miracle to defend.

Here is a link with info out the wazoo: http://www.sixdaywar.co.uk/

Thus, when people like this talk about how they want peace as long as Israel goes back to pre-1967 (read: indefensible) borders, it makes my blood boil. Too bad President Obama is on board with this nonsense.

Then, you end up with a situation where I have to AGREE with Senator Chuck Schumer* (Ugh!) when he says that, “The reason there is no peace in the Middle East is very simple. It’s because the majority of Palestinians and the majority of Arabs don’t believe there should be an Israel. It’s that simple. Anyone who tries to figure out a way to solve this conflict without realizing that truth will never get anywhere.”

Here are more links, in case my history is not enough and the links I put up only have you thirsting for more knowledge. Now when someone says, “Well, Israel was the aggressor in 1967, you can say, like the intelligent, well-informed grown-up you are, “Nu-uh!!”




There are many more sites out there that have great info, but these are just a couple to whet your appetite.

If people want to try to talk about a conquering country “giving back” land it won, we are going to have to redraw the world map. How far back do we go? You want to start out 4,000 years ago? 2,000 years? 100 years? If we start when humans started keeping records, just about everyone on this glob of dirt we call home will be in for quite a shock. And, what do you do with people like me who have Swiss heritage? That country wasn’t even formed 1,000 years ago. Before anyone starts this nonsense of giving back land that was fairly won AFTER BEING ATTACKED, they’d better do a heck of a lot of ancestry research on every single person on earth to see where everyone should go. I hear ancestry.com gives good deals when you buy access in bulk time periods. Until then, how about we drop this idiocy of trying to force a country – that properly defended its borders – to shrink to whatever size other people (who don’t like them and wish them dead) want it to be?

*Seriously? I have to agree with Chuck? This guy is one of the biggest jerks of all time. He’s a misogynist, mean, ignores the constitution, and, and, and…well, a really bad senator. But, he’s right on this and when someone is right, they’re right, even if they are butt-heads.

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