One of my dear friends lives in WA state. She knows of a fair number of people who are desperate for jobs up there.

So, when I told her that there are jobs to be had where I am, she told me these people would be willing to come down to work for a while, relocate totally, or do whatever is necessary to be employed. Most of these people will not be employed in their chosen field. But, they are willing to do what it takes.

THAT is the America I know. THOSE are the brave people who make our country great! We have to uproot the family  and move to get a decent job? Let’s do it, then, because we’re not just going to sit around and complain about how bad our lot in life is! Life is not fair. No one ever said it would be…in fact, quite the opposite.

Whining will get you nowhere, and fast. I count people who do what is necessary to make it work among the brave people in the military who fight for our rights…and that’s high praise, coming from me.

May God Bless America! (We certainly need it…)