The ingredients and cooking instructions for the housing market crash goes as follows:

Start with a roux of Community Reinvestment Act with a generous serving of government overreach.

Add Barney Frank, Frank Dodd, and Dick Durbin. This will make the mother sauce smell like rotten eggs, but don’t worry, the end result will be just as is indicated.

Stir. Vigorously blend in Fannie and Freddie without looking at what is happening to the mixture. It’s going to be FINE! Just keep stirring!

You will need to artificially inflate the dish, so add leavening of regulation that allows the concoction to be overpriced, but only for certain portions of the batter that have donated to your campaign.

Cook (the books, that is) for several decades, simmering on low, while piling on additional excrement to the original roux all the while.

Begin, in about 2005, to announce to anyone who will listen that the dish will be served in just a few years. Expect silence, or scoffing, and lethargy. Add general greed of human beings and laziness of the electorate as garnish.  Serve in 2008.

Note: You WILL get food poisoning from this entrée unless you have made the appropriate donations to the properly powerful members of congress such that they “owe you one.”