I have been studying up on the whole Progressive Movement (which has had several incarnations in our country’s lifetime). In the interest of finding out what mainstream info there is about this philosophy, I decided to look in the Miriam-Webster Colligate Dictionary. All I got was circular definitions, which left me with the vague impression that there is a political philosophy that entailed some kind of “progress-iveiness.” Don’t ask me, from this definition, what the movement defines as progress, what values they teach (besides, obviously, progression of some kind), to what they are “progressing,” or their defining moments because Miriam-Webster just reads, “What? They like, you know, progress ‘n’ stuff. Duh.”


It turns out that, in a nutshell, the Progressive movement has an end game of making the earth a UTOPIA. This is the same end goal of socialism, communism, etc., but the means are slightly different. Like in the book “Nudge,” written by Obama’s regulatory czar Cass Sunstein, they favor using federal regulation to nudge people (instead of just out and out shooting people until everyone else falls in line) into doing what the progressives in the ruling class, er…uh…I mean legislature deem to be good things. You don’t get to choose…you are too stupid. Let the experts handle ALL your daily decisions and then doing good will become habit. Then, VOILA, you have an earth full of good people. Too bad they didn’t read the Federalist Papers, where they lay out how humans have always been and will always continue to be not perfect (with examples). Too bad they didn’t take psychology 101 to realize they are dreadfully wrong about how human brains work. Too bad they didn’t take into account that those in charge aren’t angels. Too bad for the rest of us because they don’t plan on practicing what they preach (they are already “good,” they don’t need the regulations, you see). Too bad, especially since they have a decent sized congressional caucus and are plentiful in the administration.


Brilliant title, Cass, by the way. Think of that all by yourself?