*UPDATED 5/13/2011*

I’ve long held that the federal government has gone completely mental. One of the many recent examples is the Department of Justice. The DOJ has not prosecuted, despite incredibly reliable proof, any of the new Black Panthers that committed voter intimidation, but are taking to task a farmer for selling milk. Yessiree, they are going to throw the book at that fiend! How dare he milk a cow and sell the aforementioned milk?! The horror!

Well, truth be told, it’s because he didn’t cook it, according to federal guidelines, to kill any and all brucellosis germs that might be in it. Well, of course, there are vaccines and tests for that now, unlike when Louis Pasteur invented pasteurization. But that’s beside the point! There might have been E. coli germs due to unsanitary conditions which is another reason Louis invented cooking the milk. Just because there wasn’t such a thing as sterilization of equipment and knowledge of germs and how to avoid them then, don’t tell me the government should quit watching like a hawk all the potential offenders of these century old laws now! Forget advances in technology and medicine for animals, abounding knowledge of what causes sickness from dirty milk, and the know-how to avoid said contamination…those laws are in place to PROTECT you, you ingrate*!

*I hope you are noting the sarcasm here…I’m laying it on pretty thick.

I mean, really, who cares if elections are fair when there are potentially hundreds of people out there milking cows and selling the clean milk willy-nilly?? Well, I am eternally grateful for the people who do because if the people who run the federal government had their way, my son would be dead. Here is my story, edited from the original that I wrote in response to a daily email newsletter I read, “America First” by Ras Rasmussen (ras@localaccess.com), that mentioned both the killing of OBL and also the DOJ going after the Amish farmer:

I know that bin Laden is a big story, but I write to you today regarding the raw milk problem. The federal government states that raw milk has no health advantages to pasteurized milk. This is patently wrong. Proof abounds, through observation of individual cases, past studies, and my own personal experience.

My children were all born with the inability to digest the denatured proteins in processed formula. I, sadly, though trying every trick in every milk-producing book, was unable to provide my children with enough nourishment to survive. At first, solutions were presented to me by medical professionals. Those consisted of soy formula, specialty formulas, and those formulas that were chemically pre-digested such that the proteins were broken up into amino acids and suspended in a putrid smelling substance. The last one was the only one that my first child was able to tolerate, if you can call it that. The regular formula that I fed my second child sufficed in keeping him gaining weight, but caused him to have massive, repetitive ear infections, which, unbeknownst to me – and not mentioned by the doctors who treated said ear infections – were a sure sign of a reaction to the denatured proteins in the processed milk.

When my third child was born, it was a short two weeks before I quickly ran out of milk and needed to supplement my supply with formula. The same conditions were showing up in him: constant vomiting, explosive diarrhea, and digestive tract pain that caused him to cry for more hours than I thought possible in a 24-hour period. I was despondent, to say the least! My mother, who was visiting, mentioned that she grew up on goat’s milk and that led me to scour the Internet for an answer to the problem. After about 100 hours of research, done while trying to comfort my ever-weakening child, I discovered RAW milk and did extensive research on it. During this time, my doctor notified me that I had to find something that my child could eat because, if not, he would starve to death at the rate he was going. None of the fancy formulas the medical community had to offer worked in my poor child’s system.

I finally found a provider of raw milk, which, it turns out was illegal for human consumption in California (where my husband was stationed for the Air Force at the time), who sold it for “animal consumption only.” I said I had an animal of sorts who needed to try her goats’ milk. She said that whatever I did with the milk after I left her farm was up to me. She followed the letter of the law and I broke it out of desperation for my child’s life.

I fed him his first bottle of raw milk minutes after leaving the farm. It was the first time he didn’t throw up all the contents of his belly after eating since he was two weeks old. At this time, he was two months old and his poor gut was devastated. I told the doctor (who was very pragmatic about the whole thing) and he said that if it was clean milk – which it was…I saw the entire operation at the farm, then he was all for trying it. He stated that a gut that was as extensively damaged as my son’s would take a month to heal…which it did. He informed me about how to alter the ratios in the milk to add more complex carbohydrates via brown rice syrup and a bit of water to make sure there was not too much protein with each bottle. It is truly a miracle that my little boy lived. The people who run the federal government cannot be the doctor, the mother, the nurse, or the like for any citizen. They are politicians and bureaucrats only, and the policies and regulations they insist on keeping, and enforcing would have killed my son.

Since then, my entire family has switched to fresh milk with amazing results. My mother, who had had many processed milk problems after leaving the farm of her youth, now can happily ingest milk. I make cheese, sour cream, buttermilk, butter, and the like, from the milk and cream that we legally obtain here in Texas from a Class A Raw dairy within two hours drive.

I won’t go into details about the biochemistry that is involved with the milk, but suffice it to say that any biochemist would be able to tell you that the FDA is off its collective rocker. There is substantial difference in the milk. If there worry is about having clean milk, they need not look any farther than the processed milk that makes many sick each year in the USA.

Louis Pasteur invented pasteurization when people didn’t know what Brucellosis was, that germs even existed, and had no idea that a cow could be sick without presenting symptoms. Though all the newest medications and knowledge abound in this country, the FDA and federal government wish to keep us in the dark ages when it comes to milk. The problem is not raw milk, but dirty milk…and we know how to test for all those things now. It sickens me when I hear people say, “Well, it COULD be dirty!” Yes, and so could the fast food you buy…what’s the point? Testing and inspections are how the government is supposed to ensure the safety of the food supply. They fall down on the job on a regular basis, but they don’t outlaw spinach, beef, or processed dairy, do they? No. They sure love to prosecute anyone who goes against big dairy, though. I wonder if we follow the money, where it would lead us?

At the end of his life, Mr. Pasteur stated that pasteurizing milk was doing more damage than good to the human population. He linked heart problems, digestive problems, and other maladies in his studies to the processed milk, but he died before he could get the word out. He ascertained that now that we know what causes the milk to be dirty, we had no need to cook the milk…only to keep it clean and use sterilized instruments, and get milk from healthy cows. But, try telling that to the geniuses at the FDA.

I have also gotten much push back from many medical personnel who fear the milk might be dirty…as they were taught in medical school. When I ask what problem they have with clean raw milk, they respond, nothing, but it MIGHT be dirty! Yeah…why don’t you go each some spinach…

Those who run the federal government are overstepping their bounds in too many ways. And…this is just another symptom.

An interesting site about raw milk is: www.realmilk.com. I really liked reading the history of the Mayo Clinic’s raw milk therapy.


The other item that has healed many a tummy in my family is Water Kefir. I’ll bet the FDA would have a hissy fit if they knew I was culturing something in my own house. How could I possibly be smart enough as an average citizen to do that??  But, I digress…

It is a fermented drink that has been a miracle cure for my mother, especially. The Kefir not only populates the GI tract with the proper flora and fauna necessary to digest foods and heal the gut, but it feeds them, too. Plus, it’s delicious…what more could you ask for? What this means in real life is that if your digestive tract is harmed in any way, it will heal it. My mother was unable to eat almost any food without massive GERD reaction, pain, innumerable trips to the bathroom, and poor absorption of nutrients. Since I have been culturing the kefir and making sure she has it on hand (she drinks at least two cups each day), she has had almost no GERD, no stomach pain, not even slight discomfort. If you wish to read a little about these so-called grains (they aren’t really a grain, but…well, read about what they are at http://waterkefirgrains.kefirgrainstore.com/), and if you wish to buy some, the best place to buy in the US is http://kefirlady.com/.  Another website that is devoted to all things kefir (plus lots of other stuff) and that runs off of donations only is http://users.sa.chariot.net.au/~dna/Makekefir.html#Kefir-d-acqua. Happy reading!