You know how Dumbledore did that thing with his wand where he could pull out memories and keep them in that cool, swirly cauldron? Well, I don’t have one of those, so I am starting this blog. There is swirling going on, all right, but it’s in my head and my husband is tired of me telling him all this stuff at 11pm, which is when he thinks we should sleep. (I know, crazy, right?!) Well, no more! Modern technology to the rescue!

Due to the fact that, at 36 years old, I think I have become a grown-up (the world should be afraid…very afraid), I have spent the last few years of my life examining all that I believe, and discussing it with people who agree with me, and, just as importantly, people who don’t. I have challenged my very core values and have allowed myself to see the truth –that is, reality – even when it was uncomfortable, or when it downright made me so mad I could cuss. Give it a whirl sometime. Take a core value that you have, for which you have no empirical evidence, and test it. If it turns out that your belief is wrong-o in the real world, do you have the guts to alter your belief system?

I’m not talking about religious faith, here, by the way. I am talking about things that have been taken as undeniable in our society for a long time (100 years, give or take a decade or two), but have been proven, clearly, to be false. For instance:

1.       Does central planning work? (No.)

2.       Does government solve problems? (No, but it’s REALLY good at creating them and then coming up with programs that are supposed to fix the problem they created, but end up making the situation worse. Typically this is accomplished by using political buzzwords and then passing a bill that sounds like Food Safety and Consumer Protection Bill of 2011, which makes food less safe and protects big businesses who contribute way more to the campaigns of politicians than, say, you do.)

3.       Is monetizing our debt a good thing? (Big, fat negative. You saw how well it works for the currently bustling metropolis of Ancient Rome, right? Wait…)

4.       Should children never be severely reprimanded and should they have tons of self-esteem? (Nope. Have you ever seen American Idol where the contestants sing like a banshee having a bad hair day? Then, after being told so, they leave the audition cussing the judges’ poor judgment? Yeah, that’s from doling out undeserved praise to give the person “self esteem.” That and soccer games where “everyone is a winner”.)

5.       Does raising taxes raise tax revenue, and is it beneficial for the country to “soak the rich”? (Ummm, no. Revenues go WAY down and jobs tend to go away…lose/lose situation.)

6.       Did Goebbels learn about eugenics from American Progressives? (Yes. Notably from some professors from Indiana State University…it’s in his diary.)

7.       Is the Progressive Movement really about progress? (Yes, they want to progress past the Constitution – as in, “Who needs that old thing and freedom??” – into a utopian world brought about by massive government intervention that will force people to be good until they get the hang of it…hence eugenics. Yikes.)

So, in the spirit of free speech, I am going to unleash my opinions on the poor, unsuspecting world, unfettered, for the most part. I have not come to these opinions and beliefs easily. Some grated against me for some time while I wrestled with the knowledge that I had to go from what sounded so good, to what reality is. And, I know I am not done yet with my struggles. Just an FYI, my opinions tend to be backed by plenty o’ research, but sometime I just pop off. I’ll keep you posted on which are pure conjectures. I still seem to have way more questions that I have answers, but isn’t learning one of the fun parts of life? (In case the answer doesn’t immediately come to your mind, your line is: “Why, yes, Holli! Learning is a veritable barrel of monkeys kind of fun!”)